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World War 3 Thread


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I'm mixed on this, it's horrible on one hand, but at the same time Hamas hides behind civilians anyway, including in or near schools and hospitals....even firing weapons from those locations into Israel.

I will always support Israel, but this (really Netanyahu and his actions) have me questioning SOME of that support.  I truly wish there was another way to break out Hamas from the civilian population and deal with them separately.

One thing that does provide some comfort is that a big group of Israeli's want him out, and have been protesting in some very large numbers.  Even members of the military have been organizing against him (not as a coup, but in protest).

What I have not seen is any Palestinian civilians protesting Hamas government.  Maybe they can't in fear of violence or death, but that also says a lot to me (before the fallout after October 7th, who was more oppressive to Palestinian civilians?).  And many of those civilians cheered and spit on corpses of murdered and raped Israeli's being paraded through Gaza.

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Man, have I missed out on all the fun here?  I have no excuse, my home office serves double-duty as my blast shelter, so even when my windows shake from Iron Dome detonations I can certainly post.

I can't share all the tea here on an open forum, but I'll make a point to pop by and represent the USG perspective on what is going on.  This is obviously a subject that arouses very strong feelings in many (myself included), but as a paid propagandist working in exactly this area I think I'm uniquely qualified to stick my neck out.

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