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World War 3 Thread


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Doing my part I am now drinking Tito's instead of Stolichnaya.

China needs petrol to feed it's industry and arable land to feed it's people. It currently does not have enough of either to meet it's needs.

Russia and Kazakhstan have the petrol and arable land and the geographic proximity to China. 

Tien Shan, Kyrgyzstan offer great corridors to what China needs  with little military resistance should things go south. Vladivostok and areas just north to Khabarovsk have been "temporarily" leased to China for agriculture needs. Shouldn't take a rocket scientist to see where this end game is going.  

I think Putin is looking west when he should be watching his east.

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I wouldn't necessarily boycott local Stoli.  It's actually owned by a Russian who had left Russia (forced out?) when Putin gained power....

Most of the world's source of Stoli is produced out of Latvia.

That said....there are better vodka's out there, and Tito's is a good choice.

Also agree on the "look East" comment....

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Cool. No need to worry.

"The International Atomic Energy Agency said on Wednesday that there was no need for immediate alarm over a loss of power at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, but left clear that the situation around the site of the world’s largest nuclear power disaster was deteriorating.

The United Nations agency said on Twitter that the plant, which has been occupied by Russian troops since the early days of the invasion, had suffered a loss of power that violated a “key safety pillar” for the site of the 1986 leak. But the agency added that it saw “no critical impact on safety” at this time because the amount of water in cooling ponds and around radioactive waste was sufficient, even without continuous power to the plant." 


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On 3/8/2022 at 2:30 AM, RudeWolf said:

Well, if shit goes nuclear then only nature wins. I'm hoping someone in Putin's retinue breaks and punches his ticket. Here in Latvia we can only try running north or go guerilla as the country is richly forested. With that said, I'm pleasantly surprised with Russia's military ineptitude in Ukraine and don't think that they are able to sustain a multi-frontal ground war. Current Russian POW's in UA look like irregulars at best and bums at worst. I think the corruption is rife in their military and no one has the guts to tell Putin that it's all not khaki colored sunshines and rainbows.


Just to be clear.

Ukraine should not be posting images of POWs to social media. (slate.com)


Oh... also No fly Zone = WWIII for real

How on earth is anybody still talking about a no-fly zone over Ukraine? (slate.com)

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19 minutes ago, mikeymad said:

NFZ = Bad Idea -> WWIII

Analysis from a Military Aviation Nerd

Lots of details / implications.

Plenty of cogent points in the comments.


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2 minutes ago, purk said:

Should Zelensky waives a white flag to save lives and his country?

Would you? Would I? Very difficult question to answer.

Either way, I would agree that Ukrainians should be thinking about the next stage. Learning to make IEDs. Guerilla warfare. Counterattacks on Russian infrastructure. Make it completely untenable to hold the country.

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17 minutes ago, blessingx said:

Legitimate question, but I’m not sure that would save his country. 

Given that Russia is not a good faith actor re: The Budapest Memorandum.







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3 hours ago, blessingx said:

Legitimate question, but I’m not sure that would save his country. 

At this point, maybe about saving lives.  Again, I would have absolute go to war to defense my love ones and country too but many more lives are at stake more than ever now.  Putin is a blood hungry SOB and a complete scum for doing this to the people of Ukraine.

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Two Putin attacks in the UK in recent years need to be taken into account. In 2006, Alexander Litvinenko, a defecting KGB and FSB officer, was poisoned in London with Polonium added to his tea. He was so radioactive that he was buried in a lead coffin.


And then in March 2018, two identified Russians travelled to Salisbury with USSR era Novichok nerve agent (one of the most potent ever made) in a perfume bottle, and sprayed the door handle of a Russian double agent's house with the stuff. He and his daughter were hospitalized for weeks but ultimately survived. They then astonishingly dumped the perfume bottle in a waste bin, where it was found and then used with fatal consequences.

There was a major cleanup with teams in full hazmat gear that went on for days.


Both of these attacks on UK soil were widely reported, their perpetrators identities known and absolutely identified as being initiated with Putin's knowledge.

And what did we do? Precisely fucking nothing.

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Interesting move...

Russia says its businesses can steal patents from anyone in ‘unfriendly’ countries



Also probably worth a listen...

The Russian War in Ukraine: A Conversation with Garry Kasparov





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And to top it off there are research labs with 

Dangerous pathogens in harm's way.

No one seems to be able to clearly explain what

They are or why they are there. Some reports are

Animal virus research, all the way to Soviet era

Bioweapons. The only clear message is they are




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