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yes the stores do have microcells or repeaters, of course they do...it would be like them using dial-up for their wifi internet if they didnt have repeaters installed. good way to test it is to see what you get around the mall/location and then walk closer to the store itself. in Orland Square mall you get three bars tops but mostly 2 bars, when you are infront of the store youll get a full five bars.

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25 yo professional male looking for a room - NO IPHONES

$1400 25 yo professional male looking for a room - NO IPHONES (SoHo)

Date: 2010-08-05, 2:20PM EDT

Reply to: [email protected] [Errors when replying to ads?]

Oh, hello. I'm moving to NYC at the end of August, and am looking to sign a one year lease somewhere in Manhattan. The more happening the area, the better.

Other than budget ($1400 or less), I have two major criteria

1) NO IPHONE USERS. I refuse to live with anyone that has sold their immortal soul to Steve Jobs. I don't care about your app that tells you when you need to water your plants. I don't care that your phone can function as a Speak N Spell. I don't care that your phone has a million "exciting" features that exist elsewhere. NO IPHONES. Oh, and probably no iPads, either. Upon meeting, you must show me your phone (no scammers! I will be calling it in person to confirm that it is indeed your phone)

2) STARCRAFT 2 experience is a big plus. If you play, please post a link to your battle.net profile. The more experience, the better. No bronze leaguers.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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Mywi 4.0 will give you tethering capabiity. For my wifi only iPad it's a must. Comes with free trial but is pricey at $20. Better than AT&T $40 a month tethering plan.

I was reading about wifi sync. Allows you to sync your phone with iTunes wirelessly. Why that isn't already a feature I don't know but it sounds good.

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If I have an Android phone for personal use along with a BlackBerry for work, does that stat become additive? :o
It means you should get more sex at work than at home, but still less than anyone else who has an iPhone. Probably. Unless you manage to finagle a threesome with a co-worker. Probably.

Then again, it might be the dot product, and that's where you lose me.

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I'm thinking that plenty of people with what some might consider lesser cell phones might get more sex then all three possibly. Unless you count phone sex.

I also read a statistic that homeless people tend to have more partners as well and therefore tend to also have a higher rate of STDs. I'll remember that next time I see an attractive woman with an iPhone. :)

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not sure if this has been discussed already but anyone know tentatively when the 4th gen touch "might" come out? purchased a 3g 32gb one today but it would shut off on its own every 2 minutes so returned it. came home and read that 4g might be coming out soon. so wait or just get a replacement? dont really want to wait until black friday though =/ want to get jh13/16 around that time.

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