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In addition to a regulator for the PS, a CCS plate load for the first stage will decrease distortion, a CCS cathode load for the second stage will also decrease distortion, and using a MOSFET instead

Hey hey, come on now, the main constraint of this exercise was OTL  give the man what he wants, even if it is worse.

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jeez nate great work. Gotta love the LED bias for sure. Great grounding scheme. Definitely interested in seeing the complete schematic.

Thanks Ryan (and others), she needs a bit of tweaking and will probably never be a good JH13 amp but that somehow does not phase me. :)

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how the hell do you get your wiring so neat :( inspiring work as always nate.
CJ - it's just time, patience and by laying wiring diagrams out beforehand. It doesn't happen by accident. I'd say I spent somewhere between 6 and 8 hours wiring it and that was after having laid everything out beforehand. Example - you'll notice that the tube sockets are orientated such that the filament wires don't have to cross over any of the other pins to make their connections. That is 100% intentional and something I specifically looked at before laying out the top panel of the amp.

mikhail taught him.. :D
In a way, yes, as in don't do it his way. Really it just goes to show you how much of a failure his operation was. I'm an amateur yet he somehow makes me look like a pro.

Nice job Nate. The only real question is how it will sound with the JH13.
Not very good. Noise floor is currently too high, but I'm working on that. But even at the end of my tweaking I'd never pick anything with tubes in it for IEMs unless it was truly professionally built for them.

If you insist.
:eek: It's not even for sale (yet). Edited by n_maher
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