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That's it!

ooohhh.....I have a white lab coat, too (won't say why) and I can look the part of a professional engineer in something lab-like. Aren't you a doc? That should more than impress when slapping your name and credentials on "scientific" studies.

Sure, I have several white coats, even a nice badge with my pic. Really serious stuff. I could wear one of these on my front:


Not really much engineering stuff, but impressive nevertheless.

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Plus, I got big boobs - so fuck you! :P

My dick is so big that I was given the nickname Tripod in college. However I seriously doubt that anyone here cares or wants to hear about it (well maybe aerius).

And oddly enough it hasn't seemed to make any difference whatsoever in headphone stand sales.

So in case you haven't figured it out, it's perfectly OK to have a big dick, but don't be one!

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Gob Bluth FTW! ;D

I'm studying Mechatronics Engineering. So, that automatically makes me an engineer too. :D

Can I join Steal(th) Co.? Afterall, you need 3 members too if you're gonna compete with that other company.

Fantastic, join the gang, the more members the merrier. We can shill better and get more sales ;D

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