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Ye Macce Threade

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2 minutes ago, HiWire said:

I'm curious about the M2 Ultra benchmarks... otherwise, a bit of a snoozefest.

macOS Sonoma dumps the 2017 Macs... a bit too soon, for my taste.

Yeah, when I mentally rewound the presentation, they kept comparing the M2 Ultra with the M1 Ultra, not the M2 Max.


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19 hours ago, TMoney said:

What the hell am I watching?

Who and what is this thing for? Why would I want one?

I'll give them credit though, they really went for it. No Oculus ripoff here.

If you mean the Mac Pro, I have no idea. Most people who want that kind of compute power either DIY their own boxes or rent by the hour from Amazon. I guess if Mac OS is a requirement along with massive computational power it kinda makes sense, but that’s uncommon. Maybe for running proprietary hedge fund code.

If you mean the Vision Pro, I’d find it very handy as a replacement for a bunch of external screens. It seems capable of displaying remote desktops. I could use a much smaller desk if I didn’t have to put a 27-30” screen on it. Or I would just pile my desk with even more audio hardware. 🙃

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Don't know about spatial audio... that would require buying new, expensive hardware.

Some engineers still struggle with stereo mixing and mastering, so I'm not in a hurry to complicate things.

I thought the announcement was very anticlimactic... the iPhone 15 Pro's A17 claims incremental performance improvements and features like ray-traced graphics and AV1 decode. A 10% and 20% increase in performance from the A16 is hardly a quantum leap.

Also, they discontinued the iPhone 13 Mini, which made me sad. They may continue the small format phone in the next iPhone SE update.

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