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w00t.  After my first order getting utterly messed up, the OWC Thunderbolt 4 cable I bought off BozosPenisRocketsAndBridgeDemolition.com arrived today.  Careful readers will note I bought a TB3 dock and not a TB4 one, but I still elected to get a TB4 cable.  I did this for a couple reasons: First as Grawk mentioned in Jacob's Jacobless Jacobing, The TS3+ and TB docks in general are picky AF about wires.  Secondly, I might end up with some TB4 devices in the future.  

The utter lack of drama in connecting the TS3+ dock was lowkey impressive.  *boop*  Power connected.  External monitor comes to life.  Turning off WiFi and the gigabit ethernet does what it says on the tin.  I have not tested the optical digital output yet, largely because I cannot be arsed to dig up a cable of sufficient length and run it behind my desk. 

TL;DR: If you're going to make use of a Thunderbold dock, do not skimp on the cable.  The OWC branded one I bought was about $60 shipped, and was much better reviewed than the sea of Chinesium ones that ranged from $15 to $40. 

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1 hour ago, Grahame said:

I considered trading my 2018 Air in for an upgrade until I saw that they'd offer just $290 for it.  I know I could sell it for double that easy if I was truly motivated but I'm not.  Yet.  I'd like to see a few actual reviews first and some comparisons.  The '18 does everything that I need it to and frankly, I've got too many computers right now.

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I'm waiting for the M2 Pro, etc. to be announced later. I like that they bumped the memory limit to 24GB for the MacBook Air and Pro.

The M1 Pro and Max are massive overkill for most of my office, but also a bit of future-proofing (I think the "M3" is closer to fitting into my upgrade timeline).

Apple was smug, but correct about current Intel, AMD, and Nvidia products being huge power suckers. Sometimes it takes a lot of power to do the job.

Their specs page claims you need a 67W power adapter to use the fast charge function on the MacBook Air. Hopefully people won't need that all the time (the standard bricks are 30W and 35W).

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Everyone's favorite high pitched, hyperactive Canadian tech dropper got his filthy mitts on a CalDigit TS4 dock:

He appears to be quite taken with it.  The speed and power is indeed impressive, but I'm not taken with two headphone jacks (both TRS and TRRS) instead of TS3+'s optical output.  Due to supply chain woes, the TS4 is a might difficult to find for sale at a reasonable price.

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