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i'm on a roll... the kgsshv

kevin gilmore

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1 hour ago, Kerry said:

Very nice chassis work.  I like the red anodized face.

Welcome to the wonderful world is milling.  It really is very rewarding :)

Thanks!  I love machining -- if only they'd let me wear my electrostatic headphones around the milling machine :D


6 hours ago, JoaMat said:

Indeed a most elegant amplifier. Impressive chassis work - like a Maserati.

Aw! Thanks!  :-)

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Here are the boards mounted to the heatsinks.  One small mod wire as the bloody layout software doesn't check the ground plane for continuity...  The board has already been through major revisions to adapt this to mass production and I doubt I am done. 


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Nice job Birgir! What have you got the SK170 pair wrapped in? Also, can the HV silicon be obtained for these today? And are the thru-hole resistors just there cuz you didn't have the SMD on hand? What size package are the resistors? 1210? 0805?

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I can't believe how compact that all is. Makes my circlotron case seem even more ridiculous than it already is.


9 hours ago, Pars said:

What have you got the SK170 pair wrapped in?

I would hazard it's plain old heat shrink used to force the flat parts together to help keep the temperature drift between the two more in line.

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It is indeed all soldered by hand and they are 2510 resistors.  Only size you can really use for electrostatic HV use even though I also use them for the LV stuff as well.  That is mostly to use the same parts more than once. 

The through hole resistors are there because I forgot to order 200R and 300R units but I might change them to series connected 100R's anyway.  With pick and place it helps to keep the parts numbers low so hello series connection.  :) 

The 2SK170's are just covered with heatshrink and the HV parts are out of stock but I have thousands of them. 

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