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What are you listening to Part the Third


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A track by track mix of songs used while reviewing a certain DAC that was recently sent to me .. the review is posted at that other site .. I sure as fuck won't post the review here but thought I'd share the music, anyway cause I know a couple folk here who like music ... :


No more pint of salt for me!!!








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Bunch of First Listen stuff.  Sucks that I don't remember to this every week, they had Boris on recently.  I've been liking most everything (I skipped the Phish one, though, although I should probably give even that one a chance) to various degrees:


Strand of Oaks, Heal -- probably my favourite of the bunch -- straightforward indie poprock, heavy on the synthesizers and the grunge, a very nice combo

Circulatory System, Mosaics within Mosaics -- weird for the sake of weird in many parts, but I like it more than, say, Flaming Lips

Ro, New Sounds of Brazil -- pretty much exactly what it sounds like it should sound like

Phox, Phox -- what I expect most of you would like the most -- note quite London Grammar good, but of the same ilk

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Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation.

Plenty of albums I like better (hell, even SY albums), and I rarely listen to this anymore, but honestly this may end up being the most important album in my life for hitting when I was the right age to appreciate, clearing cobwebs and setting a stage for the future. Plus always thought the term/genre "Artcore" was pretty badass. Strangely, I think The Pixies (no slouch) narrative has overwritten some of the Sonic Youth ripples.


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