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What are you listening to Part the Third


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Turn the Page used to be my theme song.  I actually had a kid ask me -- in front of his dad -- "why do you wear your hair like a girl?"  I looked at his dad, then looked back at him and said, in my monster voice, "children should be eaten and not heard".  Or maybe I said, fuck you, you little shit.  I forget what I said.  I fucking hate kids.

Me:  Sharon Van Etten, (it was) because i was in love -- RIYL Devics and morose coffee shop singer/songwriter type music.

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That's one of them Stephin Merritt projects, innit?  I dig him.

I've been glorying in Agusa all day -- just plain instrumental rock, with a very retro sound -- not really prog (but not really not), not really stoner, just rock, pure and simple.  I mean, just listen to this:


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11 hours ago, skullguise said:

This song (remix version, I think it's called Red Line White Line Version or similar) has my all-time favorite long intro, to any song ever.....

My favourite was "Breathe" live, when I saw Ministry back in the day, same tour that generated this video, only imagine it without the drumming.  Everyone in the audience was familiar with the song, so it still built tension like nothing, and when they finally started (around 3:26 in the video), the entire floor started jumping up and down...and I was carried along with it.  Scared the shit out of me at the time, but it's a memory I love retelling.

(wanders off to look up that remix)

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