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And now what did you do TODAY?


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I've been playing my kids a lot lately. I broke out my 15 year old black bordered all black deck and my 15 year old all artifact deck, and have been playing them with their series 11 starter decks with 1 booster tha tI tuned for them. The new starter decks are SO much better than they used to be.

Definitely. There are so many new cards and abilities now.

What's your all black deck consist of?


Arabian Nights


The Legends

The Dark


Ice Age


Where's the cut off?

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not really, the black deck was about intimidation, and the colorless deck was for rainbow games. If I could convince people to ignore me til the Urza lands were out, it just generated a ton of giant creatures. Neither was a real deck back when I played a lot, I sold those decks off a long time ago, they were worth more than I could justify keeping once I stopped playing.

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Been a few years now since I've played MTG. Last block I was in for was Ravnica. Still have a lot of my stuff and have been meaning to sell it off once again for a few $$$. Vintage was by far the most interesting format, iirc the last deck I was building/proxying was Vroman Oath.

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Went shopping for a new refrigerator this morning. We wanted to get a french door style fridge but the only one that would fit in our space was an LG 19.7 cu. ft. which seemed kinda small. Ended up buying a 23.3 cu. ft. Kenmore Elite Stainless Steel side by side to replace the one that broke and a mini Kenmore 2.4 cu. ft. fridge to use for the next week while we wait for the real one.



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Ugh yeah, I've had that situation many times in my life. Had to take off several months each for fracturing my collarbone in one incident and fracturing my left wrist and spraining my right wrist in another. Then I stopped playing for about half a year right before college. And in between those major ones are a lot of smaller breaks. In fact I just took a ~3 week break due to finals and surprised it only took me a few days to get back how to play correctly, and as a bonus I am actually playing better than before. As I said, a lot of it is just mind over body and thinking about violin and how to play correctly without even touching one really helps me.

The Chaconne could be a nice stepping stone piece to get you back into shape.

WTF. I didn't realize playing the violin was a full contact venture. How do you break your collarbone and wrist?

Got promoted today.

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