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And now what did you do TODAY?


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I was just announced as officially becoming the manager of my group. Yay for having to do time sheet approval and performance reviews. Good to have it formalized though.

Congrats Chris!

Went shopping for a new refrigerator this morning. We wanted to get a french door style fridge but the only one that would fit in our space was an LG 19.7 cu. ft. which seemed kinda small. Ended up buying a 23.3 cu. ft. Kenmore Elite Stainless Steel side by side to replace the one that broke and a mini Kenmore 2.4 cu. ft. fridge to use for the next week while we wait for the real one.

Sorry about the refrig problems, but that one looks nice. Appears to be a Whirlpool, which should be good.

Got promoted today.

Congrats Colin!

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Submitted an application for a strategy position at BP, during which I asked myself "does working for an oil company make me immoral?" ???

Good luck with the job if you want it. What kind of analyst?

I know a guy who's an oil trader for shell but it's in Dubai. He's proud of the fact that he has a hand in driving up the price of oil. That's pretty much the outlook you have to have.

I actually interviewed with a bunch of oil companies when I decided to leave academia and even went so far as to look into houses in Houston etc but luckily I didn't get any of them. I think they could sense my overall hatred of the companies even if the work was interesting. I would have just left in a year or two anyway.

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did you watch that one episode of South Park? it explains why. there is a cthulhu thing, and bear skin rugs.

anyway, i have now officially found people to drive my ass to and fro, home to work, work to home, at least until i can bear enough weight to get onto the bus and up and down my stairs safely with no assistance. that's a load off my shoulders.

I suppose this is good news if you're really that willing to get back to work :P Glad to know you're not doped anymore.

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Got cutoff by some jackass while entering the parking lot to pick up dinner, heard a clunk on the floor of the passenger's seat. When I got out I looked over - there was the missing iPod. I went through the car thoroughly last night and again tonight, with a fricken flashlight both times and scoured the area under that seat. So I have no idea where it was, but I'm happy it found its way into the light again.

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part of it is desire to go back to work, part of it is desire to not have to live on the streets once my vacation is up (which it would be at the end of the month). there isn't a social safety net in the US for this stuff, because that would be SOCIALISM.

:palm: I like this socialism of us then ;D

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