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And now what did you do TODAY?


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13 hours ago, swt61 said:

That hit my funny bone Grahame!

I like Milk Snakes and Corn Snakes. Have had many in the past. Had a very chill Rosey Boa too.

I had a lot of snakes and lizards growing up but my favorite was a beautiful California King Snake whose favorite activity was me carrying her around draped across my shoulders. She was very content to just chill there for hours.

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Wrapping up the kids bathroom renovation for the boss (while they're on vacation in Ireland).

I still have a third shelf to place between the top and bottom shelves, under where the vessel style sink will live. But I need to wait for the plumber to finish plumbing the sink, so I know where to cut around the drain P trap. It will most likely not go from wall to wall like the top and bottom shelves, but will most likely get cut shorter and be mitered back up to the top shelf. Kind of a reverse waterfall. These shelves are milled from rough Redwood. Not the wood I'd choose for a child's bathroom. It's just so soft, that anything will leave a dent. But that's what the boss wanted. 

Got the wallpaper installed, then the medicine cabinet. As well as the mirror and two floating shelves above the toilet, (toilet not yet installed). And installed the new light fixture, TP holder and shower curtain rod.

Re-purposed an old door for the pocket door.

All that's left is the middle shelf and putting on the shower curtain, which I've left off to give the plumber more room to do the shower trim out. Plumber arrives Saturday. Boss' wife and kids arrive Sunday. Boss arrives a week later.









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Small towns are not usually the best places for gay men to live. They don't offer a lot in terms of entertainment. People are usually not that inviting to gay men and women. I've spent a significant portion of my life in small towns, and generally don't feel that welcomed.

Not my current small town!



There are at least 100 rainbow flags flying for gay pride month! Hell, they even repainted a crosswalk with rainbow stripes.

It just feels very welcoming when I'm coming home from work, grocery shopping or whatever. I love Fairfax and it's people! I am home!

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Really great to hear Steve.

It was last weekend, but Filoli (“Fight. Love. Live.”) in another small town, Woodside, showed the Bay Area’s levels of acceptance at their Pride fest with their first winning CIS female drag queen doing storybook hour. #doublejump 


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Took the S.M.A.R.T. train 


from Larkspur to Santa Rosa


For the Railroad Square Music Festival 


Where there was plenty to enjoy.


And a variety of bands





On multiple stages.

We also enjoyed food and drink in other Santa Rosa locations.

But now we are heading home on the last southbound train of the day.



Overall, I'm impressed by the system, the ride quality and the quietness of the (Japanese)

PXL_20230611_183216940.jpg Rolling stock.

The system has been several decades in the making, and I wish it well.

The sad part is what we have lost, and are unlikely to see again,

If you consider the electrified rail network that existed previously.





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Milo and I reorganized my van. It's tough to see from the pictures, but we built a box under the existing shelf/table I built over 4 years ago. It's divided into 2 large cubicles on the bottom, and a shallow open shelf above those. It holds a lot of tool bags! And we made it just deep enough that there's room for my Makpac boxes on the other side.





Then in the back, we built a shelf between my metal shelves. It sets over the metal shelves with angle iron on each side, so it can be removed if necessary. Lot's of tool storage under and on that shelf. And now I can just slide my chopsaw stand and saw horses on that shelf, instead of having to strap them in upright.



So much easier. Especially putting tools away at the end of a long day.

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Finished putting the new grill together


I owned two original Weber kettles previously and loved how they performed as grills. But the original had two major problems. First, the ash collection was simply awful it was exposed and removing the ash tray was an ordeal. No longer …IMG_4281.jpeg

Both the original premium and the Master-touch have the new and improved ah collection. The second problem was adding charcoal during the cook as you had to lift up the main cooking grill.


That is no longer a problem on the Master-touch with side panel hinged grates

It also has the gourmet BBq system that allows you to remove the center section


and replace it with another option such as the griddleIMG_4280.jpeg

a wok, pizza stone or sear grate

it also has a removable heating grateIMG_4278.jpeg

So all-in-all it is a pretty nice upgrade from the last Weber kettle I used.



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