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And now what did you do TODAY?


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Starting yesterday, drove about 120mil north to visit Al and Steve since I’d managed to make it all the way to the left coast and seemed a shame to not close the gap all the way.  Had excellent drinks and dinner with the two of them and Claire last night, followed by breakfast this morning after viewing some (smallish) redwoods.


Then decided that I should probably take the long way “home” back to Monterey so took Rt1/PCH stopping for a walk and a few photos on the way.







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Feeling pretty awesome, and hoping I can do more.....

I got the OK to take an old work laptop, as well as using one of my own.  Wiped disks, refreshed OS (Windows 10 Pro OEM for ~$10!), and donated them via a local "Buy Nothing" FB group.  One went to a woman who has no computer (does have a Smartphone but not always easy to do a lot on the small screen), and goes to the local library for computer work.  Second went to a woman who's husband was just laid off, and they are keeping money tight - don't want to spend anything on even a used laptop right now.  So this will help with his job search.

I told the work folks who OK'd the one laptop how this turned out, and I'm trying to do more.  We have some laptops that come in and are fully written off and removed from inventory.  I'm now checking with the CIO and our Legal team, to see if I can do more of these refreshes and donations.

Such a nice thing, I love doing this and hoping it can continue....

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Repair time.. Yep the 1965 Ford Falcon needed some help after 400523 miles.



Well there's your problem... Head gasket said 'see ya' after 100,000 miles or so. So cylinders 3-4 were buddy breathing. 


So after a lot of cleaning and a trip to the local O'Reilly's,  I was able to get it all put back together before the shop closed.

drove home just fine.


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I use a bureau to store some of my stereo cables.  One drawer each for IC's, speaker cable, and power cords.

Cleaned out my speaker cable drawer, as well as consolidated some cables I had in my closet....

This - plus 2 other sets not in pic - is extra....Jesuit Christmas, I'm a hoarder! 🙄😄


Speaker Cables.jpg

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I really need to list all of the cables I have acquired, that I no longer have need of. Lots of different adapters too.

I might do that soon, and list them for shipping cost. Somebody could be putting them to good use. 90% of my currently used cabling is from Fitz. Love the quality, aesthetic and custom lengths!

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4 hours ago, swt61 said:

 because we're not in Kansas anymore. 

I had no idea that line was used in the beginning of this movie. 

Pretty funny.

4 hours ago, blessingx said:

Let us know if 3 hours at the dealer or 3 hours at Avatar was better. 

Well, that's a tough decision. I did like the movie, but as Antonio has said, his movies are just too long. It could have lost an hour, without loosing continuity. 

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I'll be so happy when all lock manufacturers stop making the old style mortise locksets. These are such a PITA!

We have better technology today, but these are becoming trendy.

There's a specific tool that clasps onto the edge of a door and mortises these locks, but it's about $1,300. I just don't do them often enough to justify the outlay. So for now it's forstner bits, auger bits and chisels. 



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The middle of the finger pull/lock mechanism gets recessed into the door, while the plate overlays the door, standing proud. But I like to recess the 1/16" face plate as well, where the whole thing is flush with the door. It not only looks better, but if your pocket door frame is tight, this keeps the plate from getting scratched on the frame, when opening and closing. 

Every Carpenter needs to keep a tube of lipstick handy. After I mount the lock mechanism, then I take the lipstick and cover the strike face with it. Then I close the door, turn the strike knob and the lipstick sticks to the jamb where the strike hits it. No guessing where the strike plate needs to be attached. The lipstick locates it perfectly. 







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