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Lutefisk isn't putrid, but we do eat some fermented fish here on the peninsula as well.

The swedes have their surströmming and we have our rakfisk, but nothing quite as hardcore as putrid greenland shark.

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A day of reflection. I didn't mean to stir so much up, and I definitely stepped in it. I apologize to KG directly, and to everyone else. So, I'll sit on my hands for a while.

As one who says some stupid shit on a regular basis, I see no reason to chastise yourself. We'll just respectfully disagree at times, but don't start censoring your opinions, that's just boring.

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What kind of crap do they drink?

Red vodka, of course! azn.gif

Mind you it must be bloody cold for a lot of the time there (otherwise it wouldn't be called Iceland?) so you need a bit of alcohol in the blood as anti-freeze!

Actually, the Vikings named it "Iceland" to disguise how nice it was there. They also named Greenland to make it seem more hospitable that Iceland, though it's much less hospitable.

Clever guys those Vikings.

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So here is how this actually went down.

Remember all those T2 chassis i shipped outside the USA last year...

At the time the size of the box (girth plus height) was less than the maximum

size and was less than the maximum weight. So it shipped USPS priority

mail, about $215 to europe.

Well times have changed and the USPS is just about bankrupt. So the size

and weight have shrunk so that if i had to ship the T2 chassis now, it would

just barely meet the requirements, and for next year, NO WAY.

So there were 2 choices to ship the beast to iceland. Package size is 24 x 24 x 7 inches.

and it weighs 40 lbs. So i could not ship the thing priority.

So option 1 was fedex direct, the shipping cost was $515. (slowest way possible)

option 2 was USPS global express mail. Which it turns out is actually also fedex but

USPS gets a great deal because they are moving everything over to fedex. So it

was $316. Fine. Birgir told me how much to insure it for. But when i got to the

post office, i ran into this fucking asshole who i hate and who is incompetent.

But he was the only one at the counter at the time. Rash of shit later, and an inch

of customs forms later, finally got to the computer, and there was an extremely

limited dropdown list of available contents. He refused to actually type in something

saying i would get it back. There was no "amplifier" or "digital audio converter" or

anything like that. And the only thing in the list that was close was "audio tapes"

So i wrote "audio tapes device" on the customs forms, and off it went.

Part 2 of this is that fedex asseses the duty for the receiving country, saving their

inspectors the time and trouble that they have to go thru for priority mail.

So the duty charge was $80 which isn't even right on insurance of $220.

With a shipping cost of $316.

What the thing is actually worth is for the buyer to determine.

And none of this is my fault biggrin.png

Its all seriously fucked up.

The USPS are indeed dreadful. Cheap, but dreadful.

I have been culling down my rare music stash, and most of it goes overseas since this is where all the high rollers are these days, and I always use registered air mail. Speak to 5 different clerks and they will tell you 5 different things on their policies. Go to UPS or Fedex and their policies are set in stone, but they charge an arm and a leg.

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Red vodka, of course! azn.gif

I somehow missed that whole debacle. Perhaps I should consider myself fortunate?

Naw, Biggie's teeth aren't that sharp. smile.png


Wow, that James May is a real man! And I think he washed it down with some Black Death!

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So for kicks, I entered what I could read from those bags into Google translator and got this:

Bag on the left:

Eastfirther Alps in Reading

Whether it is winter or summer, take a warm welcome to FC per. One from that which attracts many people are Oddsskard, or autfirsku Alps as it is often called, between Eskifjardar and Neskarupstadar. Skid region is considered one fjolbereyttasta skid areas of the country and boasts a strikingly beautiful views of the Energy Balance Fjord, Nord Fjord and gerpissvaedid.A gods hoegt winter is to slip away from the top of the mountain down to the sea, it is an experience that can not be enjoyed widely. Pu Toilette not spend a lot to live a hat and enjoy life in Eastfirther Alps.

Store in a cool place


Bag on the right:


Tails hf.


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Ramsey disappointed me as well. From all my study group none (even the vegetarian ladies) had any problems in handling their Hákarl or anything from the þorramatur for that matter. The only food I had trouble with the liver sausage because organ meats trigger my gag reflex quite easily. But I find that straining my abs keeps me from gagging.

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