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    Today was a very special day. They say, never meet your heroes but today I met the man, the myth, the Legend of the Spritzer. I flew down to Reykjavík to deliver the first production RR1 to ever leave Indian shores. It was an honour to meet Birgir, I still remember reading his posts 7-8 years ago when I got into the hobby and owning an Electrostat seemed unfathomable. So, delivering my Headphone to the STAX Mafia is an occasion to celebrate. Had commissioned 2 custom KGSSHVs. Our primary Amp of choice for upcoming shows. Really fortunate to be lucky enough to visit Iceland. Even though it was a short business trip, will be back with the family someday.
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    Not today, but yesterday. Completed the Kelly Brush Century for the second year running. Trained hard, cut about 30min off my previous time and had a ton of fun with the same group of guys that I've been doing these rides with for the last 7 years.
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    Probably got nuked by Reks. But this thread is so old that I'm not even gay anymore. ?
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    This has been a killer of a week for me so I'm late with the impressions. Then all of sudden we had a holiday today so I finally have some free time. I'm too lazy to find my camera so I'll take some pics later. First off, this is set nr.4 so I very much view it as a "work in progress" but...they are pretty awesome. From the first impressions and until now they keep reminding me of the SR-007. Clearly power hogs (I measured the system with stock cable at 160pf) too and a bit dark sounding. Now in my book this is a welcome reprise from all the bright models out there now. Doesn't mean the treble is subdued or anything like that, it is just not as apparent as with the L700 or 009's for instance. This also gives it a fuller sound and well...that bass. The cups are ported so the bass could have been compromised due to that but not so here, it's deep, tight and tuneful. It doesn't match a closed SR-007 but I frankly don't mind that...I can always grab my 007's if I want to listen to them. These are a bit more tuneful with more presence higher up. One of the first tracks I tried on them is the one which 009, 009S and 009BK all fail miserably at, but no issues here. They replicate the snare drum perfectly and same goes for everything else I've thrown at them. The midrange is perfectly fine and really showcases the difference in mastering on some tracks. The soundstage is just about perfect, follows what the tracks should sound like and doesn't pull a HE90 on us. Not quite up to the layering of the 007's but then again...that is the gold standard. Overall they are very neutral and do what any transducer should do, get out of the way. For me the biggest compliment to any headphones is me willing to listen to them as well, I have a lot of headphones at hand. I've used these almost exclusively since I got them, only swapping out to do comparisons. Now for fit and finish, I have no complaints. The headband is very sturdy with nice spring steel for the main span and they fit my head nicely. A bit snug but then again, I have a melon for a head. I did bend the arc a bit and now I can use them for hours at a time. The housing is attached to the earcups with a single M4 bolt and I did experience some rubbing there. This joint wasn't really supposed to move but for my use, they fit better that way so I place a nylon washer between the two parts and that has fixed this. I've already relayed this to Aumkar who should be arriving back home soon. The only major issue I've had is with the cable or rather one of the connectors. One channel started to drop out and after some troubleshooting this was traced to the mini XLR plug. I bought some new ones and made a quick replacement cable this morning and now it works perfectly. To keep the cost down the mini XLR does work for this but yeah... I'd like something better but given the cost constraints I get why they use it. Same for the cable, getting anything which works for this is difficult and costly. The cable is still better than what Hifiman are using so yeah... I'm not too worried about that. So over all, I'm very, very impressed and I will be working with Aumkar to see if we can't improve on these small issues.
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    Started the day helping some neighbors build a work-around for a trail that an asshole neighbor decided to block despite it being a right-of-way. My buddy Jim got busy after I left and got the whole thing decked. So I got busy and made a sign for the new trail.
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    Working on a prototype tonight...
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    Mass suckage Cali peeps! Stay safe and hopefully no larger impact! Me: in the hospital. Beth had her hip replacement surgery this morning and all went well. Resting I her room now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Spent the weekend on the lake! I’m addicted.
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    Got sick of cords all over the place. DIY'ed a charging drawer using a cheap conference room table fixture from Amazon. Much cheaper than the commercial products that run around the $300 mark.
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    It's a chrome finish. I did it in black as well. Here's the PS...
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    I put on my investigator hat and solved the case of the missing trash can lid. For those still on the edges of their seats. The lid was found and using an 8’ Heavy swimbait pole rigged with a GoPro case I was able to cast, first try, the case right into the middle of the floating lid and reel it back to the edge of the lake where Kasia retrieved it with a stand up paddle board paddle.
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    Santa came much earlier this year!!! Thank you so much, Kerr.. I mean, Santa! ?
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    Met Aumkar and listened to the RR1 at CanJam today, two very pleasant experiences. The headphones sounded really nice out of both setups, one a KGSSHV (from birgir I think) and the other a little koss amp (the one that goes with their headphones, Massdrop version). I had a very pleasant listen with the smaller setup being run from an iBasso DAP (maybe DX150). I seriously would have bought that whole little setup on the spot for listening on vacation or the office. It had excellent bass and an extremely musical, engaging sound. I'll probably buy a pair of these when they are for sale. Aumkar is a great guy! Thanks for the overview and good luck.
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    Did our Easter Sunday good deed by extricating a pelican from a bit of fishing line. 91AED1B0-E787-438A-804C-43A186F6373A.mov
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    I was with Alex in his first judo championship... My champion. [emoji16]
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    I'm sitting in the jury assembly room watching a video to teach me about the US justice system and jury trials. Interesting stuff.
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    Finally she (in the middle, on the Prosecco) arrived from India. Surrounded by her new family.
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    My Ono/Xono phono preamp almost finished: With the methacrylate top it is impossible to take a damn photo without reflections.
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    Half a year ago I promised to build a new original DIY T2. Now it’s done. After some difficulties with left channel and PSU she is playing as an original DIY T2 does!!! Thinking of retire and feeding ducks. No more modifications to an amplifier that can’t be improved. …never trust an addict
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    Not quite yesterday, but last week. What passed for grass in our garden was 50% weeds and infested with ant hills that defied all attempts, chemical, biological and thermal, to kill off. So after three weeks of preparation (painting 35 metres of fence twice, painting walls white, all after digging out 15 metres of Virginia Creeper and ivy) a team of five guys came for four days to fit artificial grass. Cheap it was not, but the effect is so much better that the mess it replaced.
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    Toured Salesforce tower in SF, the 2nd highest building west of the Mississippi. Karl the Fog (yes, it has a name) was out in force but the views were amazing nevertheless.
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    Today we had probably the most delicious and certainly the most expensive lunch of our lives at the two Michelin star restaurant at Bernard Magrez's La Grand Maison. Before we ordered anything, five or six plates containing at least seven amuse bouches arrived, along with suggested order of consumption. I got distracted and forgot to photograph them. We went for the six course lunch with wine pairings. Dessert was actually five different desserts each followed by two more treats to amuse our bouches. Extraordinary food paired with incredible wines. I also forgot to photograph the rump of veal. Dommage.
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    Did some shopping at the unfortunately named “Hard-Off” store and stumbled across a bit of a treasure trove about 45 minutes outside of Tokyo.
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    not going to create a new thread... figured i'd drop some simple thoughts on the Focal Elex that arrived last week. i decided to grab these after reading ample comparisons to Sennheiser and the notion that these are more energetic with better low-end with some semblance of HD580/600/650 balance. my 580's have sounded so good out of gilmore lite mk2 that this intrigued me. all of the below is my direct thoughts vs. HD580. treble is not as lush/obvious and vocals are slightly recessed... i think it's because of the slight upper-mid dip or whatever the fuck that people have measured on both Elear and Elex bass is drastically better in every regard (quantity, detail) imaging/positioning is a fair bit better and soundstage is wider but not much deeper ^because of all of the above, i think i find these slightly easier to listen with across all genres... read a lot of stupid comments that Focal isn't great for electronic which i could not disagree with more. and much better with rock/metal because of the better low end and tweaked treble. they're not bright and they're not fatiguing. couple other things... fit is good, takes 45 minutes or so before i get a hotspot from the headband because of the weight but no biggie. and these have probably the best finish i've ever experienced on any headphone. ever. i cannot make a single critique of the build quality and anyone who does is a bitch. also all black, murda'd-out headphones are dope. @Dusty Chalk #amirite that's all she fucking wrote. these are the first comments i've typed up for a headphone in nearly 10 years so they must have made some kind of impression.
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    It was awesome meeting you and getting the headphones hand-delivered. My impressions will be coming soon but a small sneak preview after a very limited time with them (aka I couldn't help myself), don't let the price fool you to think these are budget headphones...they don't sound like that.
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    Firstly many thanks to all the contributors to this forum whos posts and direct assistance helped immensely with my amp build, there were a few issues on the way, but the amp is functioning perfectly and is a huge improvement over the STM-727II it replaces. There are many far more seasoned builders than I, but hopefully by mentioning a couple of issues I encountered it may help any future builders. 1) Check and double check your resistor values - I missed one and it resulted in quite a few replacement parts being needed. 2) If you are going to check voltages using your probe on the top of the screw terminals, tighten the screw down first (changed out the original 7815 regulator thinking it was faulty as a result) 3) You need the OP27 opamp installed even if you are using the opto servo to control offset. 4) The posted instructions mention adjusting the left channel balance and offset - you also need to perform the same operation on the right channel 5) I bought an inexpensive set of high voltage 12kv linesmans gloves from Amazon. Probably overkill but for the initial power up of the boards gave me more confidence in working with HV supplies. 6) Mentioned in another thread but Arrow Electronics offer most parts that Mouser have at lower cost and with free overnight shipping 7) If you need circuit boards, Easy EDA is pretty good at circuit layout and integrates with board manufacturer JLCPCB who are really inexpensive (read $2 for 5 small boards) Differences from what I would consider as standard build included: Replaced the 7815 and 7915 with AMB Labs Sigma 78 and Sigma 79 drop in circuits - soldering on the miniscule SM components is a challenge but aside from that they work really well. Used a ladder attenuator from Acoustic Dimensions, made a custom PCB to connect to it (I have 3 spares if anyone needs one). Installed input switching between single end and balanced, with also a feed through setting where the KGSSHV is totally bypassed. The SE input setting also connects the SE ground to the amps -ve balanced input. Picture is the KGSSHV Carbon with it's sibling a TPA Buffalo ESS9035 DAC built last year. Cheers Martin
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    Going with the opposite ratio in the bedroom setup. Obviously, I need to even everything up and get my cables lengthened and organized differently, but this setup is incredibly satisfying.
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    Not today but over the course of the last week, finally got to use the Shapeoko to actually make something. A coworker from the central office is retiring after 46 years of Government service. I decided to make her a custom plaque. First prototype It's basically a relief of the island that the Shipyard is on. Prototype #2 Figured out that I was having some issues zeroing the Z axis, which were entirely user error. ?‍♂️ Final version: I got the shipyard to engrave the small brass tag, I haven't gotten to the point where I can do that yet. Next up, some signs for the local MTB trail network.
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    Well Done! Since I couldn't go to Denver to be with you crazies I did a little vinyl listening- A acetate master Played on this Made louder with this and a bottle of Franciacorta Then made really loud and clear through these
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    I did my last little bit of cross training for the 100 mile ride I'll be doing next weekend. Here's to hoping the nearly 1,200 miles I've logged this year so far were enough.
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    I finally cased up my uTracer. So much nicer to work with I still have a few refinements, but it's up and running now.
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    Well that was a totally awesome concert - The Eagles in Birmingham (the UK one). Two and a half hours with no break - basically their iconic Greatest Hits and Hotel California albums (which I bought back in the day and still have) and a whole load of other, quite advanced sonically, stuff from later albums. The line up was the only remaining and performing member Don Henley (71) and slightly later members Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmidt, both also 71. Singing Glenn Frey's vocals was his son Deacon Frey (26), who was superb, and much to Carole's delight - Vince Gill. And the guys had lost none of their vocal ability and high notes despite their advancing years. It was the nearest thing to a hifi concert I've been to - the sound quality was excellent. One hell of an evening. This was the set list: Take It Easy One of These Nights Take It to the Limit Tequila Sunrise Witchy Woman In the City (Joe Walsh song) I Can't Tell You Why New Kid in Town Peaceful Easy Feeling Love Will Keep Us Alive Lyin' Eyes Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away (Vince Gill cover) Those Shoes Already Gone Walk Away (James Gang cover) Life's Been Good (Joe Walsh song) The Boys of Summer (Don Henley song) Heartache Tonight Funk #49 (James Gang cover) Life in the Fast Lane Hotel California Rocky Mountain Way (Joe Walsh song) Desperado Best of My Love
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    Performing last minute gear tune-ups for Lance and his competition in Columbus. Received word last week that Lance has been named to the USA Fencing All American first team and USA Fencing All-Academic first team for this year. Hopefully if he has a good competition these recognitions will help when he meets the college fencing coaches he has scheduled with there in Columbus. He is scheduled to fence Junior Men’s foil, Junior Men’s epee, Senior Men’s foil and Division I Men’s foil. Division I will be the toughest because it will have all of the best college fencers and three US Olympic fencers competing. This is a very tough schedule so hopefully he can hold it together and feel good about his performance when it’s done. Yikes!
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    First attempt at a brisket. 11 hour cook (3 hours in magic pink paper), 5 hours of rest in the cooler. Not perfect but pretty damn tasty!
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    Closed on my new home late yesterday and moved today. Too tired to celebrate tonight but picked these up so I am ready. 4 months living in limbo. I am home now.
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    Well there is - but maybe not what you think. Rye is a very low gluten grain - as such it is much easier to make a pan loaf, and make it really hearty with lots of grains and seeds. But with that being said, we make just about all our rye breads with natural leavening (or sourdough starter). Because the acidity that comes with the starter is great for working with the rye - it wants an acidic environment. It is really hard to get a artisan style rye loaf to have any sort of open crumb if the rye content is over 50% of the flour, it just falls under it's own weight from the lack of gluten structure. And the rest is about marketing and perception. In 'merica, rye bread means mostly white bread with a touch of rye and a shite load of caraway. In old world, rye is used in so many ways that it is staggering the variety and flavors that you can get. Hope that helps a little. ---------------------- On other bread fronts... Sonja and I are still making progress on our bakery. Sonja completed her second test bake in a local commercial kitchen (with steam deck oven). She is working on all the paperwork and licenses to be able to sell locally. We have acquired - https://www.tafonibakehouse.com/ - nothing published yet. Other progress at -- https://www.instagram.com/tafonibakehouse All sorts of small steps - but should be selling soon. First delivery of flour as a business: Cheers Mikey
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    Celebrating the one-year anniversary of Asante's adoption already! When she first came home she was so scared she hid in the corner behind the bookcase and refused to come out other than to eat or drink. Now she follows me around like my shadow, at least when she isn't playing or resting on her heated pad.
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    Driving around, last night I managed to find a decent signal. Same again today. In daylight, I now understand why. I think I might have found my new temporary office location
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    built a thing to improve our view.
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    This weekend I flew down to Bangkok to meet the man himself, Wachara. For me the the entire RR1 Project was a dream - to develop a fully in-house Headphone with Bespoke parts specific to the Headphone and to meet my Heroes along the way. RR1 has enabled me to meet some of the greatest people in the Industry worldwide and that's the only success I see in the Headphone. Everything else to me is irrelevant. With Wachara, I've met all the Heroes I wanted to meet and that ends the RR1 chapter for me. Kaldas was named after my Grandfather and our goal with the company has always been quite diverse. We started the Headphone project knowing we would be in financial turmoil by the end of it and that is indeed, the truth. I will be managing our Headphone division not for long now, as we expand our production and settle the Manufacturing, the responsibilities will be handed over to one of my longest serving Engineer who was instrumental in the RR1 development. I will divert my attention to some of my other dreams. Thank you to everyone whom I've met along the way. Those memories will serve me well for a long time. Where it all started for me. Visiting G.R.A.S. in Denmark Meeting Birgir in Iceland At Audeze HQ in Los Angeles Klippel in Dresden And finally.
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    Almost done casing the Dynahi. The input XLR sockets are temporary, waiting for the Neutrik ones to arrive. Also, cased the dual GRLV PSU which I will be using for both the SUSY Dynahi and balanced CFA. Two Antek 100VA transformers and the GRLVs are set for 30VDC rails.
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    Got my new i9 iMac installed, up and running. 8 core i9 processor with Radian Pro Vega 48, 512 ssd, 64 G ram (2 sticks so I can go up to 128 if I go crazy). My external drives are in a Blackmagic Multidock 2 (thunderbolt 2). A Caldigit TS2 for an extra Ethernet connection for my Metric Halo interface plus some of my numerous USB thingys. The clean install went pretty smoothly and I've got it down to just a few days of hell. So far the Logic Pro X benchmarks I've run show that it'll run twice as many virtual instrument tracks (122 vs 58) compared to my old girl (2012 Mac Pro 6 core). Running nice and cool (I only heard the fan once during some installs and it was barely audible). I absolutely love the 5k 27 inch but I've been using a dying 24 inch, old Asus ProArt for freakin ever!
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    Just finished testing a new version of the battery with the LT1021-7 reference. From what I can measure, it seems quieter on the scope (mostly above 25KHz) than the LED version. It's nice to be able to test without risking the whole amp I'll probably start using the LT1021-7 in the GRHV supply as well since it needs less current to operate. I'm currently feeding it about .94mA with the base of the transistor it connects to pulling about 70uA from that as well.
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    Karen and I "Met the Fokkers" last night. Our son Andrew has been pretty serious with a wonderful young lady he met at college. The great news is that her family lives 2 towns over from us, so they can see each other easily outside of the school year. Amy is going for 8 weeks to special program in Kenya this Summer, and she and Andrew thought it would be great to have the parents meet. Simple dinner at Bertucci's, but it was very successful, we enjoyed the company and chat very much. It helps that the father works in IT like me, has a slightly similar sense of humor, and looks just a little bit like Peter in Family Guy ? It just felt very normal and pleasant, and the fact that it was the kids' idea made it even more special....
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    Listened to this for the first time today. Pad is from a SR-007 and cable from an old Lambda and the rest is home made. The main parts are made with files from Wachara (chinsettawong). Many thanks. A lot more has to be done before it’s a decent headphone.
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    It was a good day for fencing, gold is best medal of medals. Lance made five new friends and a good way to start the week as I will be taking Lance and Mary to LAX tomorrow morning at 4am for a flight to Boston to visit Boston and New York colleges.
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