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RIP someone or another


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^ Very sad.  Frankie Knuckles crossed many boundaries in his career.  He got black and white gay men to dance with each other.  He got straight people to dance in gay nightclubs (and the other way 'round.)  He kept his flavor of dance music alive during the era when "disco" was always followed by "sucks."  The term "house music" comes from the Warehouse, the club where Frankie held his residency.

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Mickey Rooney died today at age 93.  Such a lovable guy, and like Harvey, he really made me laugh as well.  I think it's fair to say that most of his body of work was before my time, so I remember him mostly as an older guy who was a great 'show biz' story teller on the late night talk shows.  RIP.  


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Sounds harsh but if you are known as the big funny guy and then all of a sudden you lose weight it might damage your career. I think that's why allot of people stay big even after they've had their breakthrough. Sort of a brand recognition i guess...

Anyway, RIP i saw his standup a couple of times and it was enjoyable.

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R.I.P. Princess Lacey


She died last night at only 8 years old.  I have followed this story from the beginning of the college basketball season.  Lacey Holsworth and Adrienne Payne have touched my life and made it better.  May her spirit burn brightly.



If you care to see more http://www.freep.com/article/20140409/SPORTS07/304090082/lacey-holsworth-michigan-state-video.

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