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RIP someone or another


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Conductor Claudio Abbado, 80, passed away yesterday. I believe my favorite Mahler 2 recording was by him, with the CSO, from the late '80s. Sometimes I think the CSO made a mistake hiring Barenboim instead of Abbado, but I suppose Barenboim left some good influences also.


It relieved the world from hearing his horrible horrible piano performances (Barenboim) which was a good thing in my book :)

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Agree with Jacob. With or without strong heroine an addiction like this does not involve choice. I obviously don't know the details but he was supposedly sober for 23 years when he went into rehab in 2012, and just recently went through rehab for snorting heroine. It's tragic and stupid but I don't think you can dismiss the struggle just because the guy could afford treatment.

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I didn't feel like typing a novel so yes, it was an over-simplification of how I feel about the issue. I celebrate the fact that he got and stayed sober for those 23 years. I feel for his kids that at some point he made the now-fatal decision to do drugs again. So yes it's tragic that he passed regardless of the reason but the reason also gives me pause.

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