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AKG K812

Dusty Chalk

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i don't think that this public vilification has gone anywhere near far enough. personally, i won't be satisfied until you tar and feather the poor bastard, tie him to the back of your pick up truck, drag him through the manicured streets of your small town and then cut him loose at the feet of his mortified family.

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..., but rather you will always see me through your rose colored glasses.


Oh I don't think you understand the meaning of that phrase. I can guaranty you that Al does not see you through Rose colored glasses!

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That picture is Bruce Lee? I thought that was you John. I guess you all do look the same to me. But I can say that because I have a Chinese friend.  O0


Ha, that's great! I wonder if all different Asians smell the same, too?! 


Just 2 weeks ago, I had a black patient tell me I looked like some Asian actor on a CSI show. I had no clue who this guy was, but I looked him up, said that he looked pretty good, so I'll take it, and had a good laugh. She laughed back, then said 'you know, I guess that's what they say about us black people, too!' We both laughed about that. She paused, then she said, and I'm not kidding, 'yeah, but you know, it's not really true that we black people all look alike ...(long pause) ... but now, YOU guys, you really DO all look the same!'  That just really cracked me up. I explained a study I'd read about how when people see a race they're not familiar with, they tend to focus on their group similarities rather than their individual differences, but over time, with more exposure, they start to see the differences. She said, 'so you mean like I might only notice the straight brown hair at first?' Yes! I said. (Long pause, rubbed chin) 'No, I think you all just look the same!' True story. Ya gotta love it!  ;D

What about garlic? I can smell that from a mile away. Damn Mediterraneans, I know because I'm one of them. But smokers are much worse. The mix of garlic, vinegar, tobacco and cheap wine on headphones is really nauseating.


Good to know, thanks. I'll smell for some headphones owned by Carreras or Domingo. 


Can't you just blame the Moors?

As having a strong ethnic background, I feel left out.

Gosh, I'm so sorry! I forget which stereotype you are, though ... Russian was it? I'm not sure how to smell for those headphones. Vodka is odorless to me. Caviar maybe? 

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Fuck Australians!


Was going to ask Tyll something with the tizziness he heard but damn it slipped my mind. Ime the K812 ain't a bad headphone if you it only cost $700-850. The k1k for me has yet to be heard. :(

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How about this Larry:  To me at least, you mean well, but sometimes you stick your foot in your mouth.  See all the crazy-assed posts above?  They are funny as hell (unfortunately at your expense).  This place will call out on shit.  You said something viewed as offensive, and you got called out.  You said you were sorry.  Don't make it a crucifixion of Christ thing.  People here loathe the victim mentality, so please stay away from that.  Have a laugh at the above posts, learn from your mistakes, and move on.


Oh, and for God's sake - Remove the "LOOK HERE" from your for sale ad.  Holy shit, that is sooooo ebay and craigslist!

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