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Sennheiser HE1060/HEV1060 (New Orpheus)


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6 hours ago, purk said:

I'm curiously to hear your full thoughts of this system Tyll.  I sure wish that you spend a little more time listening to the system, but then again 15 mins of a private audition is really all you need any way.

You mean, you can tell a mongrel from a purebred in 15 minutes...?   :o


I thought they were all mongrels....     :D

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On 15 Nov 2015 08:46:18, mikeymad said:

I think we need more details about that quick demo if anyone can actually use it for any idea of what is on offer. Was the Amp fully warmed up? It looks like the internal DAC was used with the cable going into the USB slot, what software was used as the player, and what tracks were used? Looks like Tyll admits the demo is almost useless and he needs more time. He needs to have HIS choice of tracks and at least an hour IMO to get a handle on the SQ. Also I find my 009s need a decent amount of volume to come on song as well, so if the usual volume control and track restrictions are applied by Senn again, that would affect the demo as well.

It would be interesting to know if the boundaries of Stat tech has been pushed further albeit with no budget constraints.

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On 10/03/2016 at 9:30 AM, spritzer said:

This does play into the EU regs for using tubes as they must be fully enclosed.  Well than there is the wank factor which this product is full of. 

I don't know in detail how EU regs look like (especially if they apply to products currently sold, or retroactively), but there are tube amps in stores without fully enclosed tubes. Would be interesting to know since when is EU directive or reg is effective.

There could still be some advantage to that EU reg ...




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