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Hmm... :-  anyway the link was http://9to5mac.com/2013/10/24/new-ios-remote-icon-in-itunes-tips-upcoming-app-redesign-for-ios-7/ (corrected above)


Also another interesting audio player app (plays DSD - through convertion): 


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Anyone here having issues with lockup/restarts on 5s while connected to a Bluetooth keyboard? It happens usually when I'm waking up the phone through the keyboard or when the phone and the keyboard is trying to re-establish connection.

Interestingly, the issues has never arisen while using the same keyboard with my iPad 4 (iOS 7).

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I have now killed two naked iPhones in the same manner. 


-- Put iPhone down on granite countertop.


-- Do not notice small amount of moisture on said countertop.


-- Go to pick up iPhone, which is now invisibly adhering to the smooth surface due to said moisture.


-- iPhone does not, as anticipated, detach and rise into the air. Rather, it squirts horizontally along the counter as apparently frictionlessly as an air hockey puck, eventually runs out of counter, briefly attains independent flight, meets tiled kitchen floor and that's all she wrote.


Always wear a rubber! 

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If you live near a computer/electronics shop I'd stop by there. Last two iPhones had a surprisingly solid, black TPU case similar to http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B009F39WB6/ref=redir_mdp_mobile picked up for $2.49 locally. No screen protector (dislike decreased viewing quality).

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Thanks guys for the spigen tough armor rec - it's perfect. Not bulky at all but pretty solid feel and seems well protected. I got the metal slate color and it matches the overall design of the phone pretty closely. Unfortunately my luck with the spigen film protectors didn't go so well...came in a 3 pack, got my wife's on the first try, but the last 2 attempts on mine were disastrous, just ripped them off and said "why bother".

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