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My UK iPhone 6 order shows delivery between the 9th and 16th of October. I'll just walk around talking into the empty case until then, Dinny-style.


El reg confirms http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/09/13/apple_iphone_6_plus_shipments_delayed_in_uk/


its almost like the media reports of the shipping delays due to unexpectedly high demand, post-release, are by design ...

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Is the voice call quality over wifi noticeably different?


I've also been running the iOS 8 GM since the keynote and it seems pretty nice. The biggest improvements I've noticed so far are to Safari. The rest of the updates seem fairly minor, though the new keyboard and autocorrect options are a welcome addition. I'm on AT&T so no wifi calling for me yet.

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I stopped the phone both at the local Costco the other day and played a bit with phablets. The note 2 and 3 are indeed quite large. I wanted to guesstimate if the phone would fit in one of the back pockets of a cycling jersey. It should not be an issue.

The phone is quite large, but i think once you start using it....


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I have used a Note 2. Jersey is easy. I would put it in a zippered bag some socks came in. I could also fit it in my medium Bontrager seatbag with tube, tool, lever, patch kit, keys, ID, debit card.

It felt large when I first got it, but quickly adapted. I came from a 4" phone, but now the 5.5 feels normal.

Think of it like headphones... Your headphones don't break in. Your head does.


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