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The analog thread.


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5 minutes ago, blessingx said:

Saw an IG clip today in sorrow for all the fan fathers out there. Not only did they have to buy expensive tickets for their daughters, but for the rest of their lives, when asked, they have to say their favorite concert was Taylor Swift. 

It’s still Tool. At least I’m safe there. 

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The Pro-Ject Debut III at 249$ should be better than the Sgt. Pepper's Essential III, theoretically.

All of these below have built-in preamps, and most of them (if not all) can be switched off if she wants to start fucking around with a money pit of audiophiledom.

The Sony does have BT and USB, so while we may cringe at that, it could be a big selling point.

She like the Beatles? 50% off the Sgt. Pepper's Pro-Ject (249$)

Black Pro-Ject Debut III (249$) (normally 500$; see a pattern?)

Need BT? Sony for 250$

If you wanna chip in some, I've been happy with this Denon with 2M Red, but unfortunately it's 150$ more than when I bought it

This one is the cheapest most people should go, and it used to be about 100$, but they added an X to the model name and it's 149$ now. Bright side, if you wanted it tomorrow, you could go to Target or Guitar Center and get it, though price match to anywhere if at Target, as it's 169$. Colors: Black, Gunmetal, or for some reason, Brown.

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3 hours ago, swt61 said:

U-turn Audio Orbit Basic is also $249

There are a variety of colors to choose from. 


329$ with built-in phono pre, which is why I discounted it. I know some people like it, but IIRC, @morphsci had one and had crazy wow and flutter measurements a few years back.

Ms. Swift deserves better, no?

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11 hours ago, naamanf said:

Any suggestions on an inexpensive record player for my daughter? She needs something to play her growing collection of Taylor Swift vinyl on.


I have a Pro-Ject, but it seems even that would be outside of her budget.


Perhaps the Numark USB one?  I don't think it would need a preamp.

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4 hours ago, MexicanDragon said:

329$ with built-in phono pre, which is why I discounted it. I know some people like it, but IIRC, @morphsci had one and had crazy wow and flutter measurements a few years back.

Ms. Swift deserves better, no?

I bought one for Al's Niece and was pretty impressed with it, especially for the price. I did opt for the preamp. But had no obvious wow and flutter issues. May have been a bad unit? The one I bought Dorothy was Lavender, so thought that might be nice for a young lady.

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4 hours ago, morphsci said:

Wasn’t me. I have a Rega.

Was thinking for temporary/secondary system, just after a move or something, but looks like it was @mikeymad who had one for a second system.

But, seems like it was I who posted something about the wow and flutter being less than ideal:

Guess I could only remember about half of the conversation from 8.5 years ago off the top of my head. Alas.

But if you want to do just one speaker, and have it be decent, you could try going with a Klipsch The One II. Amazon has one for 159.99$ (normally 300$), has switchable phono pre or stereo line in. It also does BT so she could hook her phone up to it and have music that way.


But, congrat to her for being into it at all! Hope she loves it.

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I think my first vinyl "rig" was around 1971 or so as well....  Definitely had it by 1973, as I remember my first vinyl (J Geils Live Full House) playing on it.

It was either a Craig or Fisher, complete with 8track, receiver, and turntable.  Something like the below.



Craig old music player.jpg

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Your first record was much less embarrassing than mine. I got the RCA record player/speakers combo (mod 70's blue plastic/with stand), for Christmas. I was 10, and the two records I got with it were Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii and The Chipmunks.

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