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What are you listening to Part the Third


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Retro revivalist prog -- this album is instrumental, but not all of them are -- absolutely sublime pseudo-classical album


Instrumental rock -- about 50% vocals, loved this album -- really strong song- and melody-writing, not just another shred artist


Alternating between ambient and black metal, I adored this album, the ambient portions were just beautiful, and the black metal portions just made my internal goth/metalhead very happy


First track is fusion, the rest of it is a party -- funk/synthwave/R&B...and one spoken word thingy -- just fun from beginning to end


Cynic, Ascension Codes -- not gonna lie, this is their weakest effort, just not as good without the Seans, still a strong album, something weird about the production, though

Voices, Breaking the Trauma Bond -- varying between full-on harshes black/death metal, and gothy rock/metal, very much liked

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1 hour ago, Voltron said:

I've never heard of Randy Crawford but Wikipedia says she has been more popular in Europe than the US even though she is American. 

You can hear a younger Randy Crawford on this.

If you listen very carefully you might be able to hear me in the audience (true story).


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On 11/21/2021 at 9:00 PM, mikeymad said:

Raise The Roof

Raise The Roof
Robert Plant, Alison Krauss



I prefer the Alison centric tunes

This. It's pretty terrible IMO and not because of Alison Krauss. The highlight was hearing Robert plant sing Lucinda William's, Can't Let Go:

It's over, I know it but I can't let go
It's over, I know it but I can't let go
It's over, I know it but I can't
let go

...yes Mr. Plant, it is.

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Listening to a playlist I put together of my favorite album closing tracks.  I've found myself really drawn to a lot of these songs lately and I don't know what it is, but artists really have a knack for closing out albums with some amazing songs.


This playlist on shuffle rarely disappoints.


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3 hours ago, EdipisReks1 said:

John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band. Going through the takes. It’s… amazing. 24/192 on Apple Music. 

Take 6 of “Love” is, wow: this should have gone on the album. I also just realized that the intro is essentially the same as that for “Yesterday:” I instinctively started singing “Yesterday.”


I understand why this is an out-take: it is slow and jangly and a little out of tune. But wow.

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