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And now what did you do TODAY?


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Nice, Wayne.  The announcers were a little goofy, but looked like fun overall; liked the lights on the boats, too.


I couldn't really hear them other than when we rode directly past them.  They're the typical small town dorkish TV personalities, always acting all nicey nicey but with no real substance.  


Posted this link on Facebook as well, and one of my friends said that she watched the entire video twice!  That's about 5 hours of viewing time.  No thanks... I haven't even watched it myself, and don't intend to.

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I just got this text from [email protected] that reads "(SmiOne) Call:720 223 8202 Regarding Your Account". A computer voice tells me when I call that there is a problem with my payment by my debit card and then asks me to verify my identify by entering my nine digit social security number. Luckily, that signaled a big red flag for me. Turns out this is a scam for identity theft. A Google search turned up this which is a warning from the official company: https://my.smionecard.com/ About four of my friends have now gotten the same message it seems tonight. Thought I'd spread the word.

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Adorable puppy!


As for me, I demoed the complete exterior wall of Frank's bathroom in Mayberry. It was what I like to call 'gravity demo', because the only thing needed to remove the wall was gravity. The siding was literally holding the wall together. The framing was completely rotted out. Much of it actually turned to powder once it was touched.

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Cute little dude!  You said it wouldn't take long, but wow, that was remarkably fast! 


Eleanor's method of mourning for Ozzy turned out to be continuous searching for puppy classifieds.  This litter was quite close to us, and they were trying to get the pups cleared out fast because it's been very cold and the barn they're living in isn't heated.


So far he's settling in really well, and hasn't had any accidents in the house.  Our eldest dog (an asshole, but he's our asshole) isn't too pleased though.



Steve, you are henceforth to be known as the "Mayberry Home Wrecker".   Congrats    :laugh:



I don't know; it's tough to beat his current title...


That's pretty crazy about the rotten wall.  I once tore down a garage that turned out to be standing up only by virtue of the fact that it was nailed to a fence.  Removed the nails fastening it to the fence, and timber!

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31 events down so far this year, with 44 to go... but the phone is still ringing and Christmas Eve isn't fully booked yet.  Today is the only day with no bookings between now and the 27th.  I don't intend to leave the house, not even to take garbage out to the curb and have a neighbor spot me.

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But Wiggins is still going #1 next summer, right, Wayne? ;)


We'll have to wait and see.  Kansas was just the lucky lottery winner.  They didn't make him the most talked about high school basketball player since LeBron, and he didn't really ask to be either.  It just happened and there he was.  Some talk now that his teammate, fellow freshman Joel Embiid might go #1 overall.  He's been the 6th/7th man up until the Florida game when he finally got his first start.  


He's raw, but is so quick for a big man.  Fun to watch.  


Wiggens, on the other hand, is as smooth as can be but not nearly as selfish as he ought to be offensively.  He's got the Ben McLemore disease (Kansas' one and done player from last year) in the sense that he can go silent and for stretches, and hang around on the perimeter too much.  

If Wiggens asserted himself as a more selfish offensive player (think Kobe), he could score 30 points per game, but it might not make the team better.  As it is, he's more like 16 points per game, and should be aiming more toward 24 like a Doug McDermottt (of Creighton).  Not a complete ball hog, but more assertive offensively, at least touch the ball on every possession and drive to create for himself and his teammates.  I think you'll see more of that as the season progresses.

As for #1, both Randle and Parker are making better cases for themselves so far this year.

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