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And now what did you do TODAY?


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I (with the help of my grad student and her husband who has a truck) moved a love seat that we had at the house into my office. Now I have a place for napping (and sleeping if I get stuck overnight there again). It's a great couch for napping (it has low poofy arms that make a perfect pillow) and I'm short so I fit perfectly. The big white chair that used to be in front of the speaker in the living room is where the couch used to be so now there is nothing obstructing the speaker. Tim was right, the room doesn't look as nice - oh well.

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@Ian: wait until night and blast the nest with a long-distance foaming wasp spray. Start with the opening and then cover the whole thing. I just did this at my mother in law's place and it completely destroyed the nest and any survivors were long gone by morning.

@Marc: those storms are no joke. Caused lots of damage at the house next door owned by Claire's cousins in part because they could not get the doors facing the lake to shut in the 70-80 mph winds of the first of three consecutive storms. Their furniture was blown over and tossed around and the vintage (baby?) grand piano near those doors is full of water and keys were blown right off of it. A garbage can lid from the country club more than a mile across the lake blew into a tree next door. The third wave was also a doozy and many trees are down including one that fell on the power line to our house. Not really sure if status since that third storm but hoping the house is secure.

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I've done the same as Al in ridding myself of wasps.  Another method if you can safely reach the nest is to go after dark and squash the nest from the opening upwards.  Make sure to use gloves.  The wasps die in the nest this way.  


Then of course you can call my neighbor who collects the hives and rids homes of the infestation.  I look across the street and see his collection hanging from the rafters in his garage when the door is open.

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