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And now what did you do TODAY?


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9 hours ago, guzziguy said:

I've been doing that for 2 weeks now.  It's not helping. :sadcat:


Will do.  Thanks.

One of the things I found out, is that you have to be gentle with the flow, otherwise you potentially irritate and inflame the sinus passage walls.  I really like Arm & Hammer's Simple Saline (or DIY saltwater and a Neti Pot), put some in, let it sit just for a little bit, let gravity pull it out, then gently purge the rest.  Repeat until clear.

I hope you feel better soon.

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According to best science available nowadays, the most effective single treatment for sinusitis is local steroids (Fluticasone is as good as any other). The relevant issue is getting the product where it is most needed and in the proper doses.

We need to make sure that the sprayed aerosol goes to the middle meatus, which means pointing the tip of the cannula into the nose towards the inner part of the eye, right where is the ethmoidal sinus and the drainage areas of the frontal and maxillary ones. It's advised to use your right hand to spray the left nostril and the left hand for the right nostril, this way it's easier to control the direction of the cannula. Logically one should do a thorough cleaning with serum or boiled water with salt at some pressure before the Fluticasone spraying. I always advise Rhinodouche for the great design of the soft bottle, it produces a large flow of liquid and you can precisely control the pressure to your needs. Like Dusty says, you need the pressure level that you can tolerate without irritating the nasal mucosa:


In a case like yours I'd use 5-8 serum cleaning sessions per day, two of them right before the Fluticasone, which I'd spray twice in every nostril, every 12 hours.

Trimetoprim/Sulfametoxazol is OK, as good as any other until you get some bacterial growth and antibiogram performed if that were necessary.

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It's insane right now. Southern California has a tornado warning. 

I had to drive into town to get gas for our generator, and it was like an obstacle course with trees down, most of the town was without power and dark. Coming back up the mountain, a chunk of it came down on some cars. 

Good times. Tomorrow is another round. 

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Great news! Our friend and Lance's former coach had his fencer take Bronze at the Paris world cup.  Lance fenced Cheung, the bronze medalist years ago with Lance getting his ass kicked but it was a good high level almost Olympic ass kicking.


Of note, while training here a few years ago we had all three of these guys plus the rest of the Hong Kong team over to the house for some post training 12 hour braised short rib tacos.  The coaches and their wives loved my wine, what a surprise.

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Upcycled redwood siding from the former house on the lot where my brother's new house is. This is the tack room in my sister in law's new barn. It's looking very sweet for a rustic utilitarian space.





Still need to finish the ceiling and trim around the doors and window. And then there's another tack room in the garage, aka the tacky room.

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The job was made a lot easier, due to Milo's prep of the old Redwood boards. He had them milled to very close tolerances, so mating them up without gaps and other issues was a piece of cake (gluten free, vegan cake for Doug).

Hell, I'd love to have a room sided like this, I hope the saddles and bridels appreciate it!

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