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And now what did you do TODAY?


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Went for a nice hike today. But the best part was when it was over. Karen informed me that she wanted to drive home. Not unusual, so I thought nothing more about it. As I was sitting in the passengers seat she asked me if I had any coffee left from this morning. That was a little weird as I rarely finish my coffee before our hike and she never asks me. I say yes and she hands me a bottle of her turmeric/ginger Kombucha. I looked at her quizzically and she just said, “open it up and smell it”. So I did, and it was definitely not Kombucha, in fact my nose immediately informed my brain that it was bourbon. So I poured it into my coffee and had a very nice ride home. Did I say that I love my wife?

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Today has gone utterly off the rails.  I am supposed to move out of the house I've been in for 22 years on Monday.  The power went out an hour ago.  Not fully, but a massive voltage sag.  60V coming out of the walls.  My sainted, octogenarian mother is staying with me.  She's been feeling ill for hours.  She said she was feeling faint and asked me to call an ambulance.  She list left in it.  I'm staying here for now to make sure the house stays upright while National Grid defends their title as Most Incompetent Entity in the Known Universe.

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Well, the power came back on later that night.  My mother was in the hospital until Monday.  She had emergecy surgery to fix an intestinal problem that had been going on for nearly a decade.  I'm now going to be here in scenic western Mass until Jan 5th.  I'm not sure how long my mother will be here.  There are a great many implications here, but the end result is that I will be spending the holidays in W.Mass, but not doing things like resuming my radio show (the gear for which is in boxes.)  Definitely some interesting times going on right now.

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The bomb cyclone knocked out power in Northfield (and a good chunk of the rest of Vermont). But we got our generator working on propane so we have working heat, refrigerator, stove and outlets in one room. Trying to conserve propane to just use the essentials since this is the first time we used this generator in Vermont and it is unclear how long this may last. 

Update: The power came back on around 6:15. The generator worked great and we were able to make a nice dinner and finish eating before power was restored. We feel pretty good about the first test.

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