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And now what did you do TODAY?


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Took my 13 year old grandson Logan up to see the Mariners vs Padres yesterday. It was his first ball game as well as his first train ride and his first time to Seattle. Fortunately we squeezed in before the rail strike caused a bunch of cancellations. It was a great day. Perfect weather and the short walk from King Station to T-Mobile Park takes you right by the Seahawks stadium so it was cool to see that. It was Hispanic Heritage Day and Rodriguez and Suarez both homered in the 1st inning so that was pretty badass. Mariners won 6-1.

I am really liking the M's this year. Rodriguez is the real deal and Saurez is a beast, and they have good defense and pitching so the pieces are in place for a deep playoff run 🤞

I am a bit of a purist so in the past I was always a National League guy because I hated the DH rule and I loved the chess game-within-the-game and small ball type baseball. Now, given the ubiquity of the DH rule, I have decided to dump the Dodgers and go full rabid fan on the Mariners.

I just can't do the Dodgers anymore. They are the new Yankees (best team money can buy).


The other American League team I thought about are the Angels. The Angels and I were both born in LA in the same year and I really like Ohtani but I don't think he's going to be an Angel for long and in the end I decided to go NW local.

I also looked hard @ the Rays because I admire how they are perennially competitive despite their relatively low salary and TB is my initials 😆.

Speaking of purism: stop fucking with baseball! The rule next year forbidding shifts is ridiculous. They should play wherever the hell is most strategic and if it's causing you grief as a hitter then learn to go opposite field. Adapt.

Although I suppose the shift is a relatively recent phenomenon so I dunno.

Seems like they are trying to make the game more offensively oriented and for me a 1-0 pitcher's duel is a thing of beauty.

So crack a cold one Al, there is one less Dodgers fan 🍻




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This was actually yesterday. We went to Oxford to a concert by this wind quintet https://lumaswinds.com/  . First rate professional musicians. Three fiendishly difficult pieces https://lumaswinds.com/concert/university-church-oxford/

Astonishingly for such amazing musicians, the concert was free!

And because we are now "senior citizens" we have a bus pass that gives us free travel. And the bus stop is within a hundred yards of our house. What is not to like?

We got away with "free" before we blew out on a meal at Quod https://www.quod.co.uk/ 🍽️

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Also in the absence of real diners, looking for a restaurant open weird hours, with a variety of items on the menu (last weeks favorite may be hated this week), and both a discounted kids menu and truly kids friendly (that was a learning experience)… well, the options narrow quickly. Basically Esmé popped and my relationship to Denny’s did a 180. And yes, also problematic Black Bear is preferred, though you lose the hours. 

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18 hours ago, swt61 said:

Sounds great!

I'm just looking forward to a cheaper rate at the movie theater. It's 65 here, it was 55 in Texas. That's OK though. I'll happily wait the extra 10 years here in California. Haven't really checked into any other benefits besides Medicare. 

We dumped health insurance (we used to have BUPA) four years ago. We don't have anything equivalent to Medicare. The NHS is free anyway - like totally free. Any shots you need are free for anyone. And if you are over 60 any prescription drugs are free too. The only  downside is the length of waiting lists for what the NHS see as elective procedures (like hip replacements). And anything we need that is elective we'll pay for. So far an operation on a finger which cost £2k, around a third of the annual BUPA insurance cost.

But is our NHS in crisis? Well yes. They are currently a total of 40,000 short in staff numbers. And ambulance response times, supposed to be less than 15 minutes are currently around an hour. And that is a critical problem if you have a heart attack or a stroke. Why are the NHS short of staff? Well  - underinvestment by successive Tory governments as a result of an "austerity" program post 2008, and Brexit (also a Tory failure piled of failure). I'm starting to sound like a Johnathan Pie rant!

Or as my son says, an old man shouting at clouds. I remind him that once I was a young man who also shouted at clouds!

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