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Neil Young claims he was working on an audiophile iPod with Steve Jobs


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I have a feeling that it is a false problem he's tackling. A well ripped 128kbps MP3 sounds better than anything I used to have in the nineties (besides vinyl or reel tape). Recently I spun a few cassettes and they did sound atrocious compared to what can be had in an iPod or any portable player. Another semi-obscure format is the last thing we need.

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That's great. Also cool he's releasing in 16/44.1 FLAC and iTunes Plus so everyone is happy. Don't want to hold Neil responsible for Musicofourheart's post, but is "100% Music" a new brand (similar to "HRx" and maybe the "new format" referenced above) or they just mean music-only BluRay or is Musicofourheart full of it? Any idea if the "3X" vinyl graphic is related to the release or what it means?

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Ric, I've been searching around trying to find answers to your questions, but it doesn't appear that "100% Music" is intended to be a new brand. There is no mention of it on Neil's site. It would be a good catch phrase though since he's always talking about it in terms of percentages, and it's an easy concept for anyone to grasp.

I don't see anything about the 3X graphic used on Musicoforheart's blog either. He's just another music nut who happens to also be a blogger. There's a blurp on his site saying that's he's been to 382 concerts in 42 years, etc. I mean, really. Who counts the number of concerts they've been to? I'd imagine a number of HC'ers have been to just as many, if not more, particularly those who live in metro areas like NYC, Chicago, and SF.

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Thanks Wayne for searching. I'm sure it will all come out in time. I like Musicoforheart "believes the live music art form to be a very liberating experience and that everyone should attend live music performances."

The same info, with grammatical errors added for flavor, is at http://www.neilyoung.com/news/ ...


May 7, 2012

For those of you who want to hear 100 %, of the audio, the Americana Bluray is the place to get it. Even the new "mastered for I-tunes" tracks available of CrazyHorse's Americana will have only 5% of the original audio while the CD has just 15%. The Bluray has 100%. On the Bluray you can hear all of the nuances of the CrazyHorse sound exactly as recorded by John Hanlon at Audio Casablanca Studio. If you want the best, now you have a choice. The Americana Bluray also contains 12 videos of the Americana songs, with an alternate version of "Clementine," plus documentary footage of the Americana choir as it was being recorded at East West Studios in LA. The only other place to get the quality audio is the vinyl Americana, which originates from the original audio masters.

We'll see.

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Introduction is to be tomorrow, sez the LA Times.






The most  interesting grafs - from the bottom of the story because the world is upside down:


Young has noted that all three major music groups -- Warner Bros., Universal and Sony -- are participating in the PonoMusic online music store. The PonoPlayer will have a list price of $399 and be capable of storing 1,000 to 2,000 high-resolution digital albums, according to the PonoMusic statement. Players will become available to reserve on the fundraising site Kickstarter as of March 15.

“Our goal was to offer the highest quality digital music available from all the major labels with the world’s greatest sounding, user friendly portable music player,” said John Ham, CEO of PonoMusic in the same statement.  “We’ve achieved our goal.”

Charlie Hansen, CEO of Colorado-based Ayre Acoustics, which developed the PonoPlayer in conjunction with Young, said: “We will always be grateful to Neil Young for changing the landscape of recorded music.”


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