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Turntables are now using the ANALOG512 Synchronius Cross-Undersampling EZ-Bake-Oven Uncontrolled Plutonium Clock technology, make sure you have the latest!

Damnation, I got the quasi-latests ANALOG 510 version on order. I'll ask if they can implement that before shipping.

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All the fun I've missed trying to ignore the 'net for a few days. I read the whole discussion about DSD, including the Stereophile links and I'm still not sure what to make of it.


A friend is about to receive a Resonance Invicta (I swear that name sounds more like that of a lawn mower than a piece of audio gear. Maybe it's an Australian thing...) which can play back DSD. He has ripped a crapload of SACDs, I have the Weiss converter and hopefully we'll be able to experiment on the weekend.


Luxman DA-06. Waaaaant.


In all honesty, I think Luxman digital gear is utter rubbish. The DA-100 and DA-200 were so bad it was unbelievable. I was so shocked I waited until someone independently confirmed what I'd heard first.  The D-05 was simply underwhelming. It only sounded like a less bad DA-200.


Slightly unrelated, but I bought a second-hand Anedio D2 FOTM. I like it better than what I heard of the Benchmark. It's so excessively clear and spacious-sounding that it sounds like the bass isn't there in most music. Since it has a remote control, it is intended for my living room system with the Emotivas.


A couple of weeks ago I hosted a mini-meet of local audiophiles and one brought the Mytek. That was very good-sounding from the built-in USB (noting that it was plugged into a PS Audio Power Plant, which would have improved the sound a bit).

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Interesting read...

John Siau: Benchmark Audio Guru on DSD



Heh...I was typing up a post on this topic, but it looks like that is largely superfluous now. I also didn't want to really belabor the point - as Dusty noted, these discussions are generally not geared towards putting others' feet to the fire and aiming towards consensus. In any case, Siau covers a lot of the issues with DSD (though, not all of the issues...) and I agree with him regarding PCM being a more favorable archival format.

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