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14 hours ago, Kerry said:


You need to get Fusion 360 and learn how to use it B)   It's from Autodesk and is free to individuals and small businesses.  It took me about 3 hours to model these. 



Foam Pads v4.jpg

Downloaded and installed Fusion 360. Have tried it for a short while (raining today:D). And maybe…. even me might manage to do something with it.

Thanks for the tip.

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There is an ability to do community projects in Fusion 360, which I think is really cool.

For anyone wanting to mill foam, there are some precautions.  I had an issue with my initial tests when milling to close to the edge.  It grabbed a piece of foam and pulled it onto the bit.  Not good.  I used the duct tape on the one side to give it some stability near that edge.  Like everything in milling, make sure your work piece is secured well. 

Also, for clean final cuts you need to use conventional milling vs. climb milling.  This is opposite for aluminum.

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Kerry's work with foam might be a good answer to replacing what's inside the 009 pads. At the very least you wouldn't be paying 250 for a pair...

I might implement a bootlegged version of this idea using old 007 foam . Thanks for the inspiration Kerry!

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Here is my experimental approach to mounting TO-3 devices without the expense of machining angled brackets. Not the most efficient way to mount things, but maybe it will be good enough.


Oh, and yes that's the Harris logo. As it turns out, the IRF240 devices feature larger diameter pins that wouldn't fit in my PCB sockets. The '244 features the same diameter as the IRF9240 as it has it (if you can find them). I would love some Harris 9240 if anyone has a source!

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This is a pro bias to normal bias adapter I cobbled together. It's a self bias circuit that taps R+ and gets chassis ground through an RCA plug to the amp. Just to prove the point of how easily one can build a stax compatible jack I rigged this one together with some female XLR pins, hot glue and a piece of delrin. Take that Mr.Speakers!

Self bias adapter complete.jpg

Self bias adapter internal.jpg

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Long time since I posted around here but I thought I'd come by and show my latest DIY projects:

First Watt F4 running on +- 32V


At the moment I'm using a Millett Hibrid as preamp until I finish th BA3FE for preamp duties.


Salas Folded Phono Stage, waiting for the front and back panels to arive from milling for final assembly.


PSU for preamp


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Finding myself in need of a stand for my Lambdas and being unwilling to pay the $75 that Stax wants for the HPS-2, I built my own interpretation for free using of scrap lumber from a previous project. In recent years I've developed an allergy to simple butt joints, so dados and rabbets abound in my version.

HPS-2 Clone.jpgHPS-2 Clone2.jpg

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