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But, but - they are upside down! The bases will come out with the wrong phase

If you look very closely at the picture, he manufacturer agrees. It's my wife who had to be reckoned with. In fact, if you look at some of the Amazon Q&A for wall outlets this seems to be a popular question "Can these be installed the "right" way" :)
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Due to the lack of interest and/or skill of people here, I have closed my For Sale ad and will assemble the item in question.

And, no, the assembled unit will not be up for sale.......


For Sale.jpg

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Finally finished casing my Blue Hawaii today. Running on my "universal" PSU that also powers my HV Carbon.

400VDC and 18VDC rails, 20mA plate current. The heatsinks warm up to about 42C (108F) and stabilize, about 22C (40F) rise from ambient temperature.   

The chassis is a Breeze Audio 3608A, one of 5 chassis I bought from Breeze Audio at TaoBao. I requested that the front and rear panels be left plane, un-drilled. Works quite well. 


BH - front.JPG

BH - interior.JPG

BH - rear.JPG

BH - with PSU.JPG

BH - with tubes.JPG

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1 hour ago, joehpj said:

what's the difference between 15V and 18V?

All joking aside, no particular reason really. It's DIY and I like to tweak and experiment.

18V is well within the operational spec of the 2SK170/LSK389 and other associate parts.  I happened to build a 18V GRLV for my SS Dynalo and decide to re-purpose it and build 20V GRLV for the SS Dynalo instead... 

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