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Audeze sold to Sony


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14 minutes ago, robm321 said:

"gaming headphone maker"

Because if they said audiophile headphone maker, no one would know what the hell they were talking about. 

It certainly a big enough market to have analysts and paid reports.


The audiophile headphone market?


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I thought Sony already had a decent headphone lineup. I don’t really get this move.

Great news for Audeze, on the other hand!

I hate to say it, but I wouldn’t want to be getting in to the high end headphone market. At least as an apple user their stuff is so solid and the wireless connection so convenient that more often than not I’ll just put on the air pod max rather than fire up the main headphone rig.

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2 minutes ago, MexicanDragon said:

Understand. Actually though about you the other day for some reason. I'll PM with chat info (Discord.)

Thx Brent. My experience with American companies owned by Japanese corporations is that success or failure depends largely on whether the parent company allocated the budget for the American subsidiary in yen or dollars. Hope Audeze gets their budget in the stronger currency.  That used to be dollars, but these days the dollar ain’t shit. 

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