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14 hours ago, K3cT said:

I think Dekoni makes pads for Focal cans right? They could be a viable alternative. 

Yeah, they probably are. Need to see how those pads measure against the stock ones. The fact that it's one of the rare hi end headphones without a wonky tonal response just makes the whole pad affair worse. And apparently the MG version uses a different mounting mechanism...

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Two very different things:

GIGABYTE M28U 28" 144Hz 2160P UHD 3840 x 2160 4K SS IPS, 1ms (GTG), 94% DCI-P3, HDR Ready, FreeSync Premium Pro, 1 x DisplayPort 1.4, 2 x HDMI 2.1, 3 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB Type-C KVM Gaming Monitor $600 at the 'Egg.  3080 needed to drive it not included.

Sceptre U515CV-U 50" Class 4K UHD LED "stupid" (no SMRT features) TV $203(!) at Walmart.  You hafta pick Walmart as the seller.  In-store pickup.  This is not a great TV, but might make a good secondary one somewhere.  Also F most SMRT TVs TBH.

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2 hours ago, Knuckledragger said:

Remember that NAS/TV mount debacle from however many years ago?  Some ...Synology? model shared the same # as a TV wall mount and NewEgg handled the situation in a spectacularly poor fashion.

Remember it well, since I ordered one too.  I pulled a major Karen when they wanted to charge me return shipping.  I got someone pretty high up and vented.  To his credit he took it well, apologized again, and offered me some small token discount on my next purchase.

I told him no thanks, and that I and some others stopping purchasing won't make a dent in their bottom line; so why do they have any impetus to change.  But I also mentioned that token gestures AFTER the fact don't make up for ugly business practices and nasty consumer experiences, and they should really focus on improving that piece of customer sat.

I'm sure he had as much as 15-20 seconds of troubling thought that evening....but I haven't shopped there since.

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I have that monitor and quite like it; it doesn't take much adjustment of settings to get it looking its best. I got it before my new GPU arrived, and even on games running at lower FPS due to the resolution jump, it was still impressive how much smoother everything felt.

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