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And now what did you do TODAY?


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Not necessarily today, but eh...


Two nights ago, my wife and I stayed up until 1AM wrapping gifts.  I am pretty good at it, and so is my wife.  I hate it, but she loathes it, so I usually do most of them.  This is when my annual "Fucking Christmas..." grumbling comes out ;)


Yesterday, we took the trio to Disneyland and left the twins with her sister.  For once, we did not have to worry about stroller parking and all that.  We stayed the whole day, and it was a blast.  Busy as hell, but when is it not?


I think this about sums up how everyone enjoyed themselves:



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One run and Coke gave me 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  Now need 8 more (hours of sleep) and I'll be human again.  Time to shake off the elf in me for a while.  106 events is way too many, and 22 events in a 30 hour day will never happen again.  My body just isn't made for it, although it sure was fun.  


Found some pics on Facebook from one of my home visit clients.  Their boys also attend a day care that I visited earlier in the season.  My neighbor's mom who was filling in for my mom who couldn't make it this year to perform her usual Mrs. Claus duties (she slipped on ice last month and broke her knee, poor thing).  The home visit pics were taken this morning during my early morning "sneak a peek" appearance.





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Still on crutches most of the time but to the point where I can hobble around a bit. On top of that I have eaten like a pig for 4 days.

Getting significantly fatter. Just stepped on the scale and I have gained 50lbs (or almost 30%) since just before Thanksgiving 2013. Maybe that realization is going to be enough to encourage me to relearn some self control.

Feeling like a failure right now between the weight gain and not being able to help much with the kids.

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Weight comes and goes, Chris. You can burn that off this year if you decide to do it, but you can't change the fact that you're laid up with a short term injury. I'm sure it is frustrating and makes you feel a little guilty but I don't think Meghan or your family resents you for not doing more when you are banged up. Try to enjoy the restful part and keep the pain down with rum. What's another pound or two when you're going to lose a bunch anyway? :D

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I've convinced myself that I've been scammed on eBay.  ( a ) I didn't notice the person had zero feedback; ( b ) they said they shipped it UPS, then backtracked and said they shipped it USPS when I called them on it (that's what the listing said); ( c ) when I asked them for a tracking number, they responded with, "I apologize, I know this must be very frustrating (smiley face)", "Wait, let me look." and "my father threw it out".  Oh, and ( d ) price was too good to be true.


Oh yay, I'm dealing with a kid.  Hopefully it still shows up.

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