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  1. Thank you very much everyone. Maybe I shouldn't have posted that here but frankly I'm very upset. This photo is from last year doing two laps around the island: it's how I want to remember him.
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  2. Nice! I took leftovers from Thursday's brisket and made brisket tacos.
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  3. Here is my T2 power supply, now with Pro Bias Maida regulator style. The small board with three blue filter capacitors is the 21st Century Maida Regulator by Tom Christiansen producing 580 volts after change of resistor. The Maida regulator replaces the 10m90s current source with Zener string and filters. I feed the regulator with unregulated 660 VDC. Only 5.1M resistor on psu board is used. Works great. P.S. still need some wire clean up… will probably never happen
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  4. What didn't you like about BJs? Costco is easily my favorite store ever. I once bought some $0.19 batteries that leaked and destroyed a $2000 mic preamp. Costco had me send them pictures, then the device and they fedexed me a check to buy a new one.
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  5. Difference between countries. If there was a gun thread on a UK forum, there would be a visit from Special Branch and armed officers beating the door down.
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  6. Went to a Halloween store with Esmé. They seem pretty optimistic this year is going to be like every other Halloween. Except the big costume for the ladies seems to be Sexy Black Death/Plague Doctor.
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  7. low voltage transformer 52mm high 105mm diameter ( I like to run the heaters at a bit under 6.3V AND in my experience the transformers I buy provide a little more voltage than the specs) 2x 4.5A @ 6V for el34s 2x 1.5A @ 6V for 6922s 2x 0.4A @ 15V for balance servo, HV delay circuit and delay relay high voltage 65mm high 125mm diameter (voltages are the same as the psu board silkscreen.) 2x 0.15A @ 260V for +250, -260VDC 2x 0.15A @ 450V for +-500VDC 1x 0.15A @ 465V for -560VDC Both transformers have magnetic shields, electrostatic shields and thermal rese
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  10. That is awful Jose. My heartfelt condolences. Fuck cancer!
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  13. Very sad. My condolences Jose
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  20. Very sorry Jose. Condolences
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  21. Very sad news, Jose. Condolences. Un abrazo.
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  22. Sorry to hear Jose.... What a great picture, though! It's clear how close you and Sargent are.....
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  23. Costco? We're not animals. P365 XL fit most of the criteria, and there were two in stock in the back; only people who knew were us and the two guys working who were there and saw them and were like "how do we have TWO of these in stock?" A little social engineering skipped us in line from 7th to 3rd after the first guy in line took 75 minutes with the only guy able to sell guns after multiple call-outs. We even got some of the little ammo they had in stock. Horrible time to get into a new (old) hobby, but fun finding those needles in haystacks. Glock 19 Gen 5 was high on the list, bu
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  25. More difficult than I imagined. Three very different acoustic amps, only one of which had a line out, so I ended up recording with my contraption mic around 8 feet back and one line out feed from the lead guitarist. All outside on the island, while major construction was taking place on a rock wall behind the beach. Vocals suck but I think the guitars are okay.
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  26. You wouldn't have gotten yours without my social engineering, so simmer down!
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  27. (far too many) Cadbury Fingers @ Ross Common (Not shown, accompanying Tea) Context / Significance, for the uninitiated. I think I'll have another (or several) for RBG.
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  28. This may be the worst of what 2020 has to offer given the lasting impact this could have on our highest court.
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  29. As a Pink Floyd fan, with my favorites being mostly pre-1972, this is just fantastic (that is really what I think! 😄)
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  30. It is the album that I like the most by Tonbruket. I admit that I don't like Dan Berglund's solo work as much as Magnus Ostrom's
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  31. BBQ ribs. I turned the burners down low and opened the lid on the grill for eight hours and got a free smoke treatment for the ribs. When life gives you brushfires time to smoke some meat.
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  32. Dorothy Hoover, my Grandmother, passed from COVID complications yesterday. I guess she had a good 92 year run.
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  33. I had to say goodbye to a good friend before he was completely sedated. In a few days he will rest in peace. Fucking cancer. Good bye Sargent. Always on the wheel !!!!
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  34. Fuckkkkkkkkkk. RIP to a great woman. I can't wait to read Associate Justice Ted Cruz's nuanced opinions.
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