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2012 Three Notch Century - aka Nate's cycling adventure

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In a little less than a month I'm going to embark on a unique little cycling adventure. Through the course of 2 days (Sept 8 and 9th) I'll be riding a total of 100 miles through the northern part of NH with a group of truly amazing individuals. I've been working hard in preparation for this and have logged about 1,000 miles in the saddle. All of this is in support of Northeast Passage (www.nepassage.org) - NEP is a non-profit organization which provides athletic opportunities for the disabled, including golf, water skiing, hockey, rugby, etc.

So if you're able I'd very much appreciate a little support, no amount is to small. There are multiple ways to make donations but the easiest is by simply following the link below to my page on activegiving and using a credit card. NEP is a registered 501©(3) no-profit and the donation is tax deductible. Skip that next frilly coffee beverage, order one less beer at the bar, whatever it takes to justify it. And know that not only will I appreciate it but that you'll be helping to make a real difference in someone's life.


Next week I'll be selling a few minor items here (and at HF) to raise a bit of money as well.

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The Pro Photog that covered the event uploaded some stuff late last night. Here's me, Marc and Tom at the start of Day 2.

Heading over to the link now. Good luck!

[EDIT] Nate, I already donated $25 but I'll do an additional $10 donation for item #2 if that works for you.

Item #2 - Cardas 12" right angle mini-mini - this was a staple in my portable rig for years. It's well used, but well taken care of. Suggested donation - $15 (retail is $25).


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All I can say is that this group rocks!

I know that the page says that my "goal" was $250 and I wanted to clear that up. When I originally registered I selected the option stating that I would commit to raising at least $250 to cover my entry fee. What I plan to do is to raise as much as possible and still pay the entry fee myself. That way whatever I raise goes directly to NEP and doesn't have to serve to offset the cost of my participation (they provide meals and lodging).

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