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KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread


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I'm about to start my build and was wondering whether the BOM at the start of the thread is accurate? Would anyone who has had successful builds be willing to confirm the parts they used?   I'm really keen to get going but the parts are as we all know expensive :-) I've modified my my SRM 1 mk2 to be differential  (Spritzer told me how) and it's pretty damn good. I'm really excited to hear the Carbon.  

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50 minutes ago, gepardcv said:

I remember going over mwl168's BOM after making my own, and it's accurate. I used different caps in a few places, and RN60D resistors everywhere that doesn't explicitly need something high-power. Other than that, you should be good to go with the information in this thread.

The information posted by @mwl168 are accurate; I've used several of his Mouser BOM's as a really nice starting point.

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Finally finished casing my Carbon. Apologize for the quality of the photos, the lighting condition isn't ideal.

I went a different route - have the amp and PSU in separate chassis and set up the PSU as an "universal" PSU which I plan to use for the Carbon, the KGSSHV, the Blue Hawaii and, in the hopefully near future, the Grounded Grid. 

I used two off-the-shelf Antek transformers. The secondaries for the HV and filament are on the same 300VA transformer. The toggle switch acts as my manual HV delay and switches the HV secondaries which also have thermistors in series. The 7-pin connector houses the +/- 400VDC, +/- 18VDC and Bias supply. The 4-pin connector houses two sets of 6.3vac filament supply, each set has a 0.15R/5W resistor in series to lower the filament supply to around 6vac to help preserve the EL34 tube life.

The amp chassis is a Mini Dissipante 3U and the PSU is a Galaxy 3U. Both with all aluminum panels.


Carbon - front.JPG

Carbon - rear.JPG

Carbon - amp.JPG

Carbon - PSU.JPG

Carbon - PSU rear.JPG

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Awesome work, Michael! But you might want to swap the power connectors on the psu to female ones for safety reasons in case it ends up in someone else's hands.

And it looks like you might have both servos engaged?

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