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Happy Birthday Dusty!


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Thank you, all!  All those pictures are great, you all know me so well.

It started out kind of hungover (just a little bit -- I got a little carried away and drank the entire bottle of Enchanted Path, and it's been a while since I drank that much), but the day has otherwise been laid back and very enjoyable.  I just had a pizza, and now I'm going to eat an eclair.

Happy Birthday Dusty!  I will drink a Molly Dooker in your honor tomorrow.



Sorry, no shareseies... :)

That's fine, I've got some more.  I'll probably just stick with gin and tonics and splashishes, tonight, though.  I don't think wine goes with eclairs, and I don't want to "accidentally" (air quotes) drink an entire bottle again, not two days in a row, so not even starting.

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