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World War 3 Thread


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^ Uf, that lady is heavily brainwashed and paid to brainwash. To be honest I don't see India supporting unconditionally Russia. China could if it saw a way to yield USA in the journey.

IMHO one of the World's priorities at this point would be stopping Trump to rule the USA for a second time.

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I firmly believe that if Putin authorizes the use of nukes, two things will happen:

1) He'll be dead within 15 minutes.

2) The order won't be carried out.

The order to use nukes has been given in the USSR several times, by mistake. It was never carried out each time. There are - relatively - unknown Soviet military men to which we owe our lives. I don't see how this will be any different. They're not suicidal.

The bigger worry is that, now that the Russians seem to be getting their shit together slightly, Ukraine will keep taking heavy casualties and eventually will be ground down into submission. Russia doesn't have forever to do this - they're also running out of manpower, taking heavy casualties and equipment losses, and the sanctions are about to paralyze many key industries. However Ukraine's early good fortunes seem to be turning for the worse. For now.

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