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NewEgg.com has 40% off Skullcandy if you want to get the Aviators or some other cheaper model. Coupon code BTENHHC34 at checkout. Free shipping, too, so 89.99 for them. Expires 2/29 (or sooner based on availability).

Some other deals:

40% off Klipsch headphones BTENHHC32

50% off Yamaha headphones BTENHHC29

20% off refurb camera stuff BTENHHC24

15% off "select digital camera accessories" BTENHHC23

(not all are for that long a timeframe, BTW)

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Anyone still have these? I bought 2 of them and seem to have misplaced the tip used for charging them up. It appears that more recent versions of these (on Energizer's site) use a mini-USB in place of the tiny round power plug used on the ones I bought.

I've emailed the Tips for Life site a couple of times with no reply from them, but their tip selector is geared towards actual devices you would charge with the battery pack, not the tip needed to charge the pack itself. If anyone could measure the tip for theirs, I'd appreciate it.

I had wondered if these could be charged via the USB port itself, but I figured this was an output only.

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The Best Of Three Blind Mice

BoxStar Limited Edition 180g 45rpm 6LP Box Set $149.99

The highly anticipated, 45rpm vinyl box set collection of three of the most sought-after titles from the acclaimed Three Blind Mice catalog; "Blow Up", "Midnight Sugar", and "Misty". This set contains all 3 albums cut at 45rpm in beautiful gatefold jackets with all original artwork, six discs in all.

This Boxset is an

Absolute Must Have!!!

We Have Limited Quantities Available! So Order Now!

Limited Edition Vinyl Collectors Box Set!

Remastered from Original Analog Masters

by Kevin Gray & Pressed at RTI!

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Today only, get this exclusive vinyl bundle of The Black Keys' four Nonesuch Records studio albums at the exclusive PopMarket discount price of $57.99!

  • Entire BLACK KEYS Nonesuch Records studio album output on VINYL
  • 4 LPs for ONE great price!
  • High-quality audiophile pressings
  • 48 songs spread out over 5 slabs 'o wax!
  • Three of the LPs include bonus CDs
  • BROTHERS and EL CAMINO include bonus posters

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