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HD800? Another rumor?


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And for those of us who are married, wife approved speakers and room treatments are a fail in the making whereas just about any set of cans gets a pass.

thats why i said it's so hard to do it, i mean you pretty much have to have a separate room dedicated to just speakers and even then whats the floor and walls made of? that can send you back to point A. My room will not allow Low Bass to pass, no matter what i do the cement floor just does not let the low notes roll to the listening position..it's to the point where i have all my gear wrapped in garbage bags waiting for a new room in the future. i should move in above my bar later this year and then i will have a dedicated listening room but even then (and you know i will post about the room when it happens) it's going to be a fight with acoustics..

no no stay away from that! really i went down that road and all you do is Kill the sound (absorbing would mean so rite?). to get the Surrounding sonics you do from headphones you must let the sound travel, just control it which is where it gets really hard. for home theater or a studio type of setup (a dead room) then Absorbing is good, but not for a listening room to enjoy.

i went off about this subject a few times on the boards about absorbing so i will shut up now..haha

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headroom did. TTJV have posted the same thing on the forum. I am not the alone in this situation I guess.

A good alternative will be ship to USA resident (let him listen a couple of day for his trouble ... ;-) ) and after he reship me ... but I don't know if this can work if I still the one who pay the bill.

I've managed to save my order by having it shipped to a friend in the USA, who, undoubtedly will have a listen, then buy a pair. He's already got $30k or so of hi-fi, another $1.4k on headphones wont hurt him I'm sure.

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I got a pair of hd800 with a canadian dealers. They cheeper too ... With our dollars, it's not to our advantage to buy from USA dealer.

Who are you dealing with, if you don't mind my asking? My local Senn dealer is quoting 1995.00 before taxes, which is dangerously near Harbeth Monitor 30 territory. Aargh.



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