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The analog thread.


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  • 2 months later...

I do not miss cassette tapes. I would buy the highest quality Nakamichi metal tapes, and store them well. Even so, in a few years I'd notice dropouts. $1000.00 Nakamichi three head deck and $12.00 blank tapes (a lot of doe back then), and still such a limited shelf life.

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Just came across this music club if anyone is interested...


"We discover exceptional artists, we pay to have their latest unreleased album released on vinyl, and then we ship their album to you each month."

"What bands influence your musical taste?

We listen to so much good music it's hard to rank, but a handful of our team's favorite bands include (in no particular order): Modest Mouse, Wilco, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Rush, My Morning Jacket, Vampire Weekend, Daft Punk, David Bowie, The White Stripes, Led Zeppelin, The National, The Beatles, Nine Inch Nails, The Who, Radiohead, Pearl Jam, The Black Keys, Jack White, Neutral Milk Hotel"

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Wow Adrian, I applaud your frugality!


I know Shelly started the single congrat movement, but you've achieved a whole new level with the new thank movement! 


There's no telling how many wasted thanks this might save. Bravo Sir!

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Well As far as the band goes - I am a fan.

As far as the pressing goes -  I am a little mixed.




The overall sound is good - but there is a higher than I like surface noise. Not pops and clicks - the surface is clean (VPI 16).. but just the ssshhh sound on the quiet passage and in between tracks. I don't know if I have a late (noisy) pressing, or if this is indicative of their releases (colored vinyl and all)


I have sent them a note - we will see if they have anything to say about it. 


Like I said - I do really like the album - but the high level of surface noise really takes me out of the music (now and then). Granted this is on my main rig Linn LP12 -> B&W802... So maybe on a Uturn TT and a pair of Active speakers it may not be as much of an issue. But we shall see what they have to say - Don't really want to pay $25 a month and listen to the digital download (mix of 192-320 tracks)



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Other than deadwax. (FEED 2a and 2b).. nope.. But I guess with different colors you would know. There is the tracklist on the back of the LP cover. 


Anyway - much more serious now...




Blade Runner - OST - Audio fidelity (red)...  (thx mr hoffman)


Sound is great - I kind of got use to the Esper edition (super long) -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blade_Runner_(soundtrack)#Esper_Edition

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I'm putting together a Garrard 401 and SME3009.  After patiently waiting for some time, I picked up a precut plinth to suit both the table and the tonearm.


It looks fairly obvious to me that I need something to raise the height of the tonearm.


This is how it currently looks:



This is trying to show the relative heights of the tonearm to the platter:





Any suggestions as to suitable products?


From the top photo, you will see that any platform or spacer placed between the tonearm mounting base and the plinth will have to pretty much line up with the oval-shaped mounting base of the tonearm.  There is very little wriggle room between the raised edge of the plinth and the turntable.



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You know that arm has a height adjustment built in?  From the looks of your photo it's currently adjusted almost all the way down.  You can get quite a bit of height out of it by loosening the collar at the base and sliding the pillar up. 


Sorry if you knew it already and were looking for moar height!





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