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The analog thread.


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My money is on it being something that can be found with a bit of digging about on the web. 


Get a screw-checking tool and see what it is. If all else fails take your good screw to a machine shop and ask them to ID it. Explain your plight and slip the guy enough cash to buy a cheeseburger. 


If it is a "slightly more obscure" part:


is another good supplier for parts that follow really obscure standards. 

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I'd be surprised if that's not a fairly common threaded rod or stud.  


If you can get the old one out, it shouldn't be hard to get a replacement once you identify the diameter and threads per inch.  A site like this can help you with what measurements to take and have charts you can use to help with identification.  http://mdmetric.com/tech/tic1e.htm


Good luck.

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There is a Nott Hyperspace on Audiogon that is a couple of hours from me. An early birthday present dew eet or not? I have a Spacedeck which I love.


IIRC someone told me the heavy platter for the Spacedeck was a down grade. So I am not sure if it's a similar thing with the really high mass Hyperspace platter?

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The two recent feedbands releases. These are now 180g pressings. They release standard black, and heavy color.

The Parlez - Glisten


Amycanbe - Mountain Whales





Really like both of these releases - I have not spun the Amycanbe (smoke) vinyl yet... but looking forward to it from the download. 



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From the engineer of Micro Seikis. TechDas Air Force 2... drool


-Air bearing and vacuum hold-down techniques, which have been transmitted from Air Force One.
-Sits on four feet, employing a newly developed oil damping air suspension system.
-Platter weighing 10 kg is machined precisely out of solid aluminum (A5056)
-Chassis frame structure made of aluminum casting (AC4C) achieves maximum intensity and workability. Dual layer structure has successfully increased vibration absorption and lowered center of gravity.
-Fits with a 9 or 10 inch tonearm on the regular right hand side position. Also, a second 9, 10 or 12inch tonearm can be mounted with an optional extra tonearm base on the rear left hand side.


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Big win tonight.  Had a niece's husband call me a few weeks back asking about entry-level tables.  He was looking towards the AT LP120, although I told him they would get more out of the Music Hall USB-1 table instead.  Thinking he wouldn't act on it, I sortof forgot about the discussion.  But I saw her tonight and she was thankful and elated: the Music Hall turntable was totally cool and sounded great for her.  She was already scouting for new records and was enjoying the vinyl sound.  Score!

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image that has been posted around various forums since '09.. yawn...


(Read your welcome PM)


'09, really? That's truly fascinating, as I took it about 18 months ago. There's less space in the shelves now. Would you like me to shoot a new pic just for you?


BTW, the original pic (shot sometime around '99) was made into a meme (not by me) and has made its way around the forums. I can post the actual pic, if you prefer that, instead.


Edit: text

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