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And now what did you do TODAY?


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You guys can come over to my pad and pour cee-mint anytime!

I'm hoping that Al's retaining wall will be tested this winter!


Here's something crazy,..

I was talking to a lady in one of my classes and I said something about scratching my initials in a freshly poured sidewalk.

She said a kid on her street did that and the city (San Jose) had to come out, jackhammer it and pour that slab again?


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On 11/26/2015, 4:12:12, Voltron said:

I give you The Great Wall of Mayberry!


Al the Builder ... I can see it now.  Cartoon series, merch, and a tour.  

Well done, brother and may the GWOM stop all future floods.


On 11/28/2015, 2:32:56, tyrion said:

Not quite the Great Wall of Mayberry but I did help pour this:


To support this:




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Mike ... that thing is gonna collapse without a d__b in the foundation.  What were you thinking.

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