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And now what did you do TODAY?

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I helped this guy move into his new place in Mayberry.   

This morning I put the final touch on the silverware chest that Steve and I have been building by installing the insert that holds our silverware set. I bought it from Rockler and designed the chest a

Moving day! New furnitature looks amazing in the new place. Hat tip to @Hopstretch who sold me his family’s old dining room set. My old apartment was too small for a dining room table so I’v

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I'm done for the holidays!  Had a very nice Hanukkah celebration at my sister's tonight, the last family party of the season.  It was a little low key, normally my dad and step-mom host; but my dad wasn't feeling well so it moved.  It was a little bit "thrown together" but that made it actually more personable.  Saw some very nice folks we see only a few times a year, and had some great food and chats.

But that's it now.  The benefit of being Jewish with early holidays....now I can relax and coast through Christmas!

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On December 14, 2015 at 7:17 AM, Dusty Chalk said:

Good to see she is recuperating, and very generous gift.

Thanks, but I wish the news about her right ankle talus bone avascular necrosis was better.  She can only take about 10 steps at a time, and still uses a wheelchair and crutches most of the time.  

Her right ankle joint X-ray looks terrible at the doctor yesterday, and it causes her great pain with bone on bone arthritis.  She'll need an ankle fusion to reduce the pain, although she'll have much less function of the joint.  She'll need another MRI to determine how much of the Talus bone is still viable.  The left ankle with all the hardware is doing much better, with a nice smooth joint space between the Tibia, Fibula, and Talus bones.

A nice car was the least we could do, but it will never be enough, not even with the fund that will pay for 3 years of law school if she's accepted.




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Holy crap Larry.  I have no idea how I missed this, but have looked back over the history just now, and seen the photos post ops and the state of the car.  I am so sorry that you and your daughter have been though so much grief over the last year.  What a nightmare.  Thank god that modern cars can take such a horrendous impact and still protect you at least to some extent with a 100mph+ impact speed.

Best wishes to you both for continued recovery.

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Yeah, understood, Larry, but it could always be worse.  I have a friend who was paralyzed from a motorcycle accident since he was around 20, was told he would never walk again, recovered enough to walk again (took decades), and then had a Segway accident and is now paralyzed again (he's around 50 now).  I'm not trying to say which is worse, I'm just saying cherish her ability to walk at all.

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Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer.  Today was the one year anniversary of our car accident, and still neither of us can walk without assistance.  I'm sorry to be so negative, but maybe after my first post-op X-rays tomorrow, from my second femur surgery, I'll be more positive.

If my femur bone is finally healing then it means most of my current pain is due to overworked muscles from physical therapy, plus my fibromyalgia. Two weeks ago I did a whole flight of 12 stairs up and down in therapy, alternating legs with each step, and I haven't been the same since.  I felt better two weeks ago than I do now, feeling like therapy is kicking my ass.

My daughter's going with me to see the surgeon in Denver tomorrow AM, and then we'll head to Boulder so we can take her sister to see a movie together, before heading back home.

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Rant away Larry.  Ultimately it's better to have you here ranting then not to have you here.  Only wishing the best for you and your daughter with each new day.  And hoping the slogan "no pain no gain" is appropriate, and it means you ARE progressing with PT.

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So, part of my pain was from one of the lower femur screws backing out and coming loose, and it was hitting my IT band and popping against it, and referring pain up my leg when I would bend and straighten my leg.  It was halfway out and the head of the screw was about 1" under the skin. This is not uncommon.  

I elected to have them cut me open in the office to fix it today, and it was so loose it came right out once he cut deep enough to expose the screw - the threads in the bone were stripped, so it could not be tightened and retained. The good news is I didn't need both lower screws, and could even go without the second lower screw without issues.

Also, a leg fracture in someone my age takes about 12 weeks to heal, and at 6 weeks post-op I'm 50% healed. It's more healed now than it was pre-op in November when I was at almost 11 months.  They gave me a sterile suture removal kit so I can take the stitches out in two weeks while I'm at Duke, and I don't have to go back for 6 weeks.

My Apple Watch says I walked 3 miles today, using just a cane, and I've only taken Oxycodone once today (for the outpatient surgery). 



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