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And now what did you do TODAY?


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Latest from Fairfax PD claims that Marin is not supposed to be shut down for the next round unless the Kincaid fire threatens Marin power lines:


The Fairfax Police Department just received the following update from the Marin County Office of Emergency Services as it relates to the PSPS and current power outages in Fairfax and the entire County.


Power is available through the main transmission lines for Marin County but PG&E is experiencing challenges with substations. They are trying to determine and resolve those issues ASAP. 


Potential Power Shutoff Update: PG&E states that Marin is currently outside the scope of the next general PSPS that begins today (Tuesday) however the Kincade Fire could impact the county. If winds push fire towards transmission lines supplying Marin, PG&E would need to de-energize those lines and Marin would experience outage countywide. PG&E is monitoring fire and weather closely but can not give any detailed information on timing or probabilities. 

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Not sure where this belongs so I will just drop it here.  My middle son earned his music degree from the university back in June and landed this intern position at a large recording studio in Hollywood. I thought you mixer geeks would appreciate this shot of one of the studio rooms.  A SSL 4000 or 9000, they have both not sure which one this is as if I give a shat. TAD speaker components and get this Augspurger enclosures. This may mean something to some of you but it's Greek to me.




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