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RIP someone or another

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113 confirmed dead, looks to increase. 4000 injured, looks to increase. Estimated to be around 1/3 the explosive power of Hiroshima. Ammonium nitrate storage facility, three thousand tons of the stuff.

I'm almost shaking having watched that on the BBC news. RIP everyone in Beirut 

It has destroyed whole swathes of the city.

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Matilda, my 15 year old cat I've had since she was a kitten passed this morning.

Condolences, Wayne. My brother in law got killed in a bike accident this afternoon. 38yo, father of two, 6 and 3 yo kids. I can't find words to say how stupid and nonsensical is this.

Some of you have seen this on Facebook, but I wanted to post it here as well. I don't feel like typing up anything different, but I love you guys and wanted to share this. Today marks the 25th annive

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I studied classical guitar in a Segovia influenced studio for 7 years (many of the instructors had attended his master classes in Madrid).

We all had great respect for Bream and I always aspired to have a pinch of his wonderful tone.

I never got to see him in concert but I listened to The Art Of Julian Bream (and the wonderful Hauser guitar he played on it) constantly.


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Justin Townes Earle gone at 38. Saw this guy in a memorable show a number of years ago. Jessica Lea Mayfield opened and was insanely nervous... Earle walked out beforehand and told the crowd to “be nice to her or I’m gonna whoop ya.”



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RIP Chadwick - 43 is no age at all. And to work through operations and chemo is really gritty determination not to just roll over.

Carole's mother died at 42 from the same thing - colon cancer - when Carole was 18.

There is no logic to it hitting someone so young.

Once you get to over 60 in the UK, every two years they send you a poop-kit, and they screen it for bowel cancer (free of charge of course - this is the UK). There has to be a case to roll that out to younger people.

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This guy certainly seems pretty special. 
Larry Pardey, Mariner Who Sailed the World Engineless, Dies at 80

With his wife, Lin, he circumnavigated the world twice on wooden boats he had built. And they always took their time.

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