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24 minutes ago, Voltron said:

You do know what it symbolizes as an emoji, right?  NTTAWWT  

No, what does it symbolize as an emoji?


Oh.  No, I didn't know that.  You caught me with my pants down. ( :palm: ) I meant actual superfood eggplant.  Makes a great secret ingredient in vegan-transitional ( :palm: ) chili (part meat, part vegan).

I do <3 my eggplant, though, so there's that.

You know what they should do next?  Make it so you can superimpose emojis.  Then I'd superimpose an eggplant on the facepalm, 'cause that would be some funny shit right there.

What's the one for pussy?  Bagel?  Donut?  Kitty?

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50 minutes ago, swt61 said:

How the fuck would I know?

...says the non-gold-star homo who almost had a beard.

Yes, I am trying to assimilate ( :palm: ) the lingo.  Pip-pip and all that, guvna!

1 hour ago, grawk said:

That was probably just being random

Trying.  Can't unthink the image, though.  If it was carp, I'd be able to go back to that way of thinking, because then it's a mashup of slapping someone upside the face with a fish, and arrow to the knee, but I distinctly remember him saying 'eggplant', so I just assumed he threw in whatever random word tickled his fancy at the time.

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iPhones are sooooo 2016, it appears.

I like the X and will be in for one. Hopefully my huge fizzog will not exceed the parameters for the new facial recognition unlock.

The HOOS (Headcase OLED Owners Society) may be willing to consider these as subsidiary screens granting affiliate membership, if anyone (other than Steve) is looking for a backdoor way to slide in.

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